Saturday, 8 November 2008

A Stuffed Lunch at Scoozi

Yesterday, I was feeling sick of eating the usual rice and viand for lunch. I usually eat the Salisbury Steak at Hungry Hippo (P79.00). I only had about P80.00 as a budget and I was thinking of a really decent food to eat for a much lesser price. I have been craving for veggies and potatoes. Being at the RCBC plaza in Makati, one has to have at least P150.00 budget to get a decent meal. The others that are about P80.00 worth, ah, as I usually say... They taste like crap - or I guess they ARE crap. I wouldn't get into so much details what those foodshops are, I know everyone has an eye for crap anyway.

So, I scouted for some foodshops at the 3rd floor of RCBC plaza. And on the area where all the major fastfoods were like Oliver's, Subway, Kitaro, Hen Lin, Tsokolate (batirol), Tapa King, Binalot, 7-11, and Mongolian, I had found no food that would satisfy my craving. Then I thought of Scoozi (the one just right beside Starbucks), I had been there quite a few times to buy their salads for P65.00 and, when I'm generous with myself, their set lunch which is for P140.00. They have some great half-cooked veggies available like corn on a cob, sauteed Chinese long beans (sitaw) with garlic, eggplant with tomatoes, mashed potatoes and corn and carrots all for P35.00 per order. Had quite known the people there who serve and cook for me, so we also pretty well know each other.

I got myself an order of mashed potatoes and an order of mixed veggies (at P35 @) for dine in. I was thinking of just taking my time eating and staying away from the computer that lunch, anyway, I could take some time eating a small amount of side orders I would get from this shop. But boy, oh, boy! I was surprised to see the serving was something that could fill me for the day! Ü The mashed potatoes had gravy on top, and the mixed veggies were various and a lot to the point that I had to convince myself to stuff the last two strings of Chinese long beans in my mouth. I was actually afraid that if they would see me leave any food on my plate, they would lessen the amount of serving they would give me next time. Haha. Silly me.

Jeff (the Chef in charge for the day) even asked me how the food was and all I answered was a generous smile and "great!". With the last few chews I did with the Chinese long bean, I had felt so stuffed and I was thankful for the healthy choice of veggies they served me, and the good ol' REAL potatoes they mashed, something like home-made. Although, I might later on suggest they saltied the mashed potatoes quite a bit a it tastes a bit sweet, over-all the Scoozi experience I had yesterday was surely a great pause for a hectic day.


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