Friday, 22 February 2008

My Second Blog and Why I'm Such a Frustrated Writer

This is my second blog website, I actually had a first one but all of those are just random ramblings and the way I put my words together on that blog was hopeless. I couldn't even say that it was putting words together for they don't seem to come together. Well, so now, being a frustrated writer, who at the end of the day just turns out to be plain frustrated not even wanting to write, I have decided --- finally decided to just go and do it. Regardless of my 35wpm speed (that is already making me frustrated, if I go faster than that I erase more than I write), and also my weird grammar sometimes, and most of my (mis)adventures, I now have the audacity to write (and rewrite/re-edit) my stories that I would like to share to the whole wide world.

Another thing why writing fascinates me is that I could use words could usually make someone's ear's bleed. You know, those, sporadically, audacity (oh, I just used that!), conspicuously (oh yeah I admit it was only when I was 22 I knew what the heel that word means) --- and all other -ouly words that I could find in the dictionary. Not that I like impressing other people, it's more on the side when I say those words I see some people's eyes go wide with wonder while asking themselves why in their disheartening age they still don't know what that word means.

I think I also like because I could read my work over and over again, add more info that I would have remembered which I have forgotten to include when I first wrote it (which I am also thankful with the internet because you may edit/re-edit my work without re-wrinting the whole thing again - it's hard for me to write in a diary - again, I think my mind is just jam-packed with random ideas and I also think that I am lazy writing those ideas because my freaking fingers are so damn slow!).

So, well, when I was browsing some posts in the bulletin board at my Friendster account, I went across this brief title, which was, "Creative Writing Workshop". Being the "workshop girl" that I am, the advertisement/bulletin caught my attention. I clicked the link and there the author was, telling all the good and convincing reasons why I need to sign up to his workshop. He has mentioned his credibility as a writer and that he has written ideas as much as he has eaten food. So, I thought to myself, well, why don't I send him a message to see how he really is as a person? I was able to talk with this man, his name's Daniel - Daniel Abbey. He's friendly, accomodating and, not surprisingly (with the way that he has composed his works), we've managed to exchange a couple of humorous responses here and there.

If I were you - better speak with him yourself. You might suddenly realise that you would like to be a writer. ^_^

Random Ramblings

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turnto page 18, and find line 4.- there is no book that i could find. how about a magazine?"What is a Meninggococcal Disease?"
2. Stretch your left arm out as far asyou can. What's there?- headset
3. What is the last thing you watchedon TV?- Kamandag (it's not by choice!!!)
4. Without looking, guess what time itis:- 3.45pm
5. Now look at the clock. What is theactual time?- 3.23 - my time is advanced that's why i'm always on time. =p
6. With the exception of the computer,what can you hear?- a song called Tea and Sympathy
7. When did you last step outside? Whatwere you doing?- this morning before i went to the office
8. Before you started this survey, whatdid you look at?- my Friendster?
9. What are you wearing?- PERVERT!!!
10. Did you dream last night?- I don't remember
11. When did you last laugh?- today - I was watching Dane Cook
12. What is on the walls of the roomyou are in?- it's an office, the list is painfully looooooooooooooong
13. Seen anything weird lately?- Well, somebody could be somebody else's weirdo if you know what I mean
14. What do you think of this quiz?- no brainer
15. What is the last film you saw?- Jumping Jack (it's shouldn't be called Jumper --- I think it's better called --- The Disappearer or something LOL)
16.If you became a multi-millionaireovernight, what would you buy?- I'll go to the Caribbeans and Medittereaneans (how the fock should that be spelled???) so that I could bloody eat the REAL thangs
17. Tell me something about you that Idon't know:- Everything!!! Try checking my Almost Blog...
18. If you could change one thing aboutthe world, regardless of guilt orpolitics, what would you do?- People Who Respect Other People
19. Do you like to dance?- Damn YEAH
20. George Bush:- I don't care about him. His stupidity is Pres. Gloria's glory. The decrease in $ value and the strength of peso to $ is because Bush made some stupid decisions.
21. Imagine your first child is a girl,what do you call her?- I dunno yet. Chabelita.
22. Imagine your first child is a boy,what do you call him?- I can't just imagine. HE's REAL!ROTFLMAO - His name's Yoshua
23. Would you ever consider livingabroad?- As long as I wouldn't die there. I hate cold places. I'd like to die in a tropical island.
24. What do you want to say to God whenyou reach the pearly gates?- Oh Lord, I can't believe I'm on the pearly gates!!! Can you believe that?!?!?

Monday, 18 February 2008

Mt Malarayat Golf and Country Club --- you can't just choose to walk when you'd like to go around this place

Big thanks to my Shell family who gave us a whopping Family Day at Mt. Malarayat Golf and Country Club.

Okay, so, I have been thinking last year when would I be able to step on the greeneries of MMGCC. It seemed to me as if it's a heaven and a place to be alone,

We were offered to have an overnight stay at this club, so, what else we'd do but to jump on the opportunity of going to a nice place and have the chance to stay there overnight, right?

So... To sum the whole thing up. Just look at the pictures (yea, I'm such a lazy writer sometimes)...

Or... just look at the pictures and you can see how amazing this place could be --- well, can I say a lot about this place? Indeed I could (yes, this is after about 2 weeks this post has been neglected).
One of the things I like about this place is that it's very wide and vast that if you're the kind of person who likes going around and discovering locations (I say locations, alright), then this is someplace you might like to go to. If you're like me who likes taking a lot of pictures, there's just more than enough sceneries that you could take pictures from and pose on.
But, if you're also like me who is kinda lazy and doesn't have her own ride (yet) then it's really hard to go around this place as this, I think, is about 300 hectares of land (oh, heck, I actually dunno how wide a 300 hectares would look like) and the locations from the resto, to the spa, to the big hall, to the hotel, to the mini community (the place where we stayed, it looks like a small building with apartments inside) --- they are all about 5-15 minutes travel from each other. No, we're not traveling at 10kph. Just imagine how far each of the place was. But anyway, this place is for the one who appreciates the greens and the fresh air, and sometimes it's not just me.
The fish pond where you can catch some fish was quite okay. Not okay for me because I have been sitting and trying to catch fish for nearly an hour and there was nothing but a wiggling worm in my bait. No fish. Well, I didn't bother to catch any fish by then 'cause the sun was striking it's painful heat on my skin and was trying to turn be to a baked eggplant. So, yeah, I left without any fish. Too bad, I was thinking of getting that fish for dinner. Haha.
Now, with the food that they offer. There's a resto in the hotel and this is where me and my family dined for dinner. I think the food is good, it's not hotel-like grandioso but it's good. I got the spaghetti Marinara, it's tomatoey goodness just caught my tongue. (I'll try to get a pic of that Marinara). Then there's this Mushroom Chicken that my Hunnie got. I like the roasted taste of the chicken mixed with the creamy mushroom covering the whole chick. And the veggies that went with it was buttery and it's not just the buttery-oily like butter, it's the buttery I-don't-know-where-on-earth-you-got-this-butter-from butter.
So, there you have it. Some of the places I have been to, and some of the food I have tasted on this wide, vast, green, out of the civilization place (I mean the pollution and traffic and all of that). So if there are still things I reckon when I went there, I'll go and add 'em to this post.
For now, I'm back to my lazy-writer mode.

Cocorama - Dance while your mouth is full of Pancakes!

It was a cold and windy Sunday afternoon.

After my part time work (ok it there such a part-time work that you do for 8 bloody hours? ^_^ well... ) Brix, my boyfriend, and I went to Shangri-la because I'm craving for a fluffy and moist and warm --- well --- pancakes! Yup. That's right. This was the best pancake I've ever tasted in my entire life here in Manila. And where do these moist and fluffy (I mean it! moist and fluffy!) pancakes could come from? --- Cocorama! Located just in front of the tickets booth at Shang. Well, what my lurvy and I usually do is we try walking past Cocorama, try the new flavors that they offer (blueberry, banana-walnut, pineapple, cherry) then when both of us cannot take it anymore we jump right on one of the tables, get the menu and order a generous amount of these Cocorama pancakes!

Do you see? Do you see that oozing mix of banana, caramel, and walnuts? Imagine those combining with the fluffy, moist, yummy taste of pancake all packed inside in your mouth and all the different flavors that it produces. Wooow. Heaven.

And that 4 pc pancake (well, aside from the service charge) only costs PhP185.00. (Libre tap water - hehe)

Should I wish to carbo-load again, I wouldn't think twice on these yum, yum, yummy pancakes. ^_^

Omakase - Authentic Japanese Cuisine

Yesterday was our first Valentine's day. I was so excited even the night before because I have bought a special gift for my boyfriend already. It was a pair of Sanuk that I bought from Rustan's (refer to my blog regarding Sanuk soon).
Just to give you a glimpse of the day that we had, we were in meebo all day saying sweet nothing or sometimes just being playful with each other (yup! thanks for the uninterrupted internet access that we both have in our own offices). Then he told me that he had something in mind, a place where to bring me. Well, I had no idea where it would be so I just patiently waited.
The day passed so fast I myself didn't notice. Yeah. Well, aside from the tons of things that I was doing that day that's why I wouldn't really notice.
We rode a van going to Alabang Town Center. Then we walked past by it. There was this little street that we had to walk through so that we can walk downstairs. By that time, my tummy is growling like a lion. I was so hungry. I was actually asking him if the walk is really gonna be worth it. I don't usually eat much when I am in the office. So when my legs are starting to get lazy I know I could eat an elephant.
Then there it was. A humble restaurant. Oh, a Japanese Restaurant. I was surprised that even though the place looked so inaccessible, in that time of the night, the resto was full. Maybe it was because it was Valentine's Day. My boyfriend somehow got disappointed because I might not be willing to wait. But, oh well, when he said that he really looked for it and checked it out over the internet, and also being the place really full, I think it's gonna be worth the wait.
So after about 10-15 minutes of waiting for our turn to dine, while mocking a girl who has a thicker pair of legs compared to her thighs, we were able to get seated on a very neat location inside the resto (pic in the middle - courtesy of the ever nicey waiter Junie).

So yeah, Junie took our order. 1 Regular Bento that consists of an ebi fry (cut in half), fried rice, miso soup, pork tonkatsu (i think), 4 pcs california maki, and a small salad (it's like chopped cabbage with mayo ^_^), while my boyfriend ordered an a la carte of Beef Asparagus with plain rice and yakisoba.
Waiter Junie and all the other staff were very efficient with their customer service. As in one wouldn't believe that he's in the Phils while he's inside Omakase because the customer service was very warm - welcoming, and you'd really feel in that resto that you are a customer and you were meant to be served. Junie even apologised when he wasn't able to deliver the water that we asked from him pronto.
So, after a few more minutes --- grueling for me because I was famished... the food was served.

It was --- fabuloso.
The kind of cooking wherein the food, unique as it's own little funky names, tasted differently from each other. Very different, varied tasted --- from the ebi fry to the pork tonkatsu (i think it's a tonkatsu not sure tho) to the beef asparagus. It's like when you closed your eyes and tasted a tonkatsu, it'd taste really like one and not just another ebi fry.
This place is --- Highly Recommended --- Price is Right.
But for the conclusion of my Valentine's Day, really, that was the most amazing, wonderful time that I've had. It was the sweetest Valentine's Day I've ever had as well. I can't be thankful enough.
Oh, by the way, Omakase also gave out a rose to all those women who seem to have had a date that time. So I was one of the girls that have received the roses. No, Brix couldn't give me flowers, I didn't ask him to give me flowers actually, I asked him to give me a garden.

First Post - Fire Away!!!

My real name is Lorraine. I am on my 20-somethings and I loooove going to different places to try out new things and new food. I am a Tiramisu addict. I'd like to be called Quiche Lorraine but I've only eaten a quiche lorraine pie once in my entire life. I love being with my friends and my kiddo Yosh. I don't have a sweet tooth but my boyfriend pretends that I do. I like doing things that I don't usually do. I like a full-packed sched. I am a person full of life, vibrance, and things-to-do. Gosh, I think I never get tired unless I eat something very heavy (yes, eating for me is tiring but fun ^_^).
I like hainanese chicken. I have a scar on the middle of my 2 eyebrows that I got when I was 4 and I was playing with some imaginary friends. I like dark chocolate but until now I wonder how a white chocolate became a chocolate. I pretend to be a vegetarian but I eat vegetables twice a week (not by choice, though --- I have no choice --- eating veggies in the Phils is so expensive I guess). I could eat tofu and drink soymilk 7 days in a week. Miso soup could be my health drink forever. I like eating super hot food, kind of that makes my tongue go thick and numb.
I am working in a very competitive environment,which I am very happy to work for. I like healthy competition and I am not the kind of person who would put someone down just for me to get a leverage on something. I'm actually happy seeing people trying to impart their own ideas to make things better. I am a professional and a passionate worker by heart. Money is just secondary, although I won't say that I don't need it, I'd still prefer having a healthy working environment.
There are things that I am excited to write about here. Food that I have tried. Drinks that I have tasted. People that I have met. Places that I have been. Experiences that I have had. Maybe you may get entertained, maybe you may learn something, maybe you would even disagree with me sometimes, but hey, I am the one who's writing, right? =P