Monday, 18 February 2008

Mt Malarayat Golf and Country Club --- you can't just choose to walk when you'd like to go around this place

Big thanks to my Shell family who gave us a whopping Family Day at Mt. Malarayat Golf and Country Club.

Okay, so, I have been thinking last year when would I be able to step on the greeneries of MMGCC. It seemed to me as if it's a heaven and a place to be alone,

We were offered to have an overnight stay at this club, so, what else we'd do but to jump on the opportunity of going to a nice place and have the chance to stay there overnight, right?

So... To sum the whole thing up. Just look at the pictures (yea, I'm such a lazy writer sometimes)...

Or... just look at the pictures and you can see how amazing this place could be --- well, can I say a lot about this place? Indeed I could (yes, this is after about 2 weeks this post has been neglected).
One of the things I like about this place is that it's very wide and vast that if you're the kind of person who likes going around and discovering locations (I say locations, alright), then this is someplace you might like to go to. If you're like me who likes taking a lot of pictures, there's just more than enough sceneries that you could take pictures from and pose on.
But, if you're also like me who is kinda lazy and doesn't have her own ride (yet) then it's really hard to go around this place as this, I think, is about 300 hectares of land (oh, heck, I actually dunno how wide a 300 hectares would look like) and the locations from the resto, to the spa, to the big hall, to the hotel, to the mini community (the place where we stayed, it looks like a small building with apartments inside) --- they are all about 5-15 minutes travel from each other. No, we're not traveling at 10kph. Just imagine how far each of the place was. But anyway, this place is for the one who appreciates the greens and the fresh air, and sometimes it's not just me.
The fish pond where you can catch some fish was quite okay. Not okay for me because I have been sitting and trying to catch fish for nearly an hour and there was nothing but a wiggling worm in my bait. No fish. Well, I didn't bother to catch any fish by then 'cause the sun was striking it's painful heat on my skin and was trying to turn be to a baked eggplant. So, yeah, I left without any fish. Too bad, I was thinking of getting that fish for dinner. Haha.
Now, with the food that they offer. There's a resto in the hotel and this is where me and my family dined for dinner. I think the food is good, it's not hotel-like grandioso but it's good. I got the spaghetti Marinara, it's tomatoey goodness just caught my tongue. (I'll try to get a pic of that Marinara). Then there's this Mushroom Chicken that my Hunnie got. I like the roasted taste of the chicken mixed with the creamy mushroom covering the whole chick. And the veggies that went with it was buttery and it's not just the buttery-oily like butter, it's the buttery I-don't-know-where-on-earth-you-got-this-butter-from butter.
So, there you have it. Some of the places I have been to, and some of the food I have tasted on this wide, vast, green, out of the civilization place (I mean the pollution and traffic and all of that). So if there are still things I reckon when I went there, I'll go and add 'em to this post.
For now, I'm back to my lazy-writer mode.

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