Friday, 22 February 2008

My Second Blog and Why I'm Such a Frustrated Writer

This is my second blog website, I actually had a first one but all of those are just random ramblings and the way I put my words together on that blog was hopeless. I couldn't even say that it was putting words together for they don't seem to come together. Well, so now, being a frustrated writer, who at the end of the day just turns out to be plain frustrated not even wanting to write, I have decided --- finally decided to just go and do it. Regardless of my 35wpm speed (that is already making me frustrated, if I go faster than that I erase more than I write), and also my weird grammar sometimes, and most of my (mis)adventures, I now have the audacity to write (and rewrite/re-edit) my stories that I would like to share to the whole wide world.

Another thing why writing fascinates me is that I could use words could usually make someone's ear's bleed. You know, those, sporadically, audacity (oh, I just used that!), conspicuously (oh yeah I admit it was only when I was 22 I knew what the heel that word means) --- and all other -ouly words that I could find in the dictionary. Not that I like impressing other people, it's more on the side when I say those words I see some people's eyes go wide with wonder while asking themselves why in their disheartening age they still don't know what that word means.

I think I also like because I could read my work over and over again, add more info that I would have remembered which I have forgotten to include when I first wrote it (which I am also thankful with the internet because you may edit/re-edit my work without re-wrinting the whole thing again - it's hard for me to write in a diary - again, I think my mind is just jam-packed with random ideas and I also think that I am lazy writing those ideas because my freaking fingers are so damn slow!).

So, well, when I was browsing some posts in the bulletin board at my Friendster account, I went across this brief title, which was, "Creative Writing Workshop". Being the "workshop girl" that I am, the advertisement/bulletin caught my attention. I clicked the link and there the author was, telling all the good and convincing reasons why I need to sign up to his workshop. He has mentioned his credibility as a writer and that he has written ideas as much as he has eaten food. So, I thought to myself, well, why don't I send him a message to see how he really is as a person? I was able to talk with this man, his name's Daniel - Daniel Abbey. He's friendly, accomodating and, not surprisingly (with the way that he has composed his works), we've managed to exchange a couple of humorous responses here and there.

If I were you - better speak with him yourself. You might suddenly realise that you would like to be a writer. ^_^

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