Monday, 18 February 2008

Omakase - Authentic Japanese Cuisine

Yesterday was our first Valentine's day. I was so excited even the night before because I have bought a special gift for my boyfriend already. It was a pair of Sanuk that I bought from Rustan's (refer to my blog regarding Sanuk soon).
Just to give you a glimpse of the day that we had, we were in meebo all day saying sweet nothing or sometimes just being playful with each other (yup! thanks for the uninterrupted internet access that we both have in our own offices). Then he told me that he had something in mind, a place where to bring me. Well, I had no idea where it would be so I just patiently waited.
The day passed so fast I myself didn't notice. Yeah. Well, aside from the tons of things that I was doing that day that's why I wouldn't really notice.
We rode a van going to Alabang Town Center. Then we walked past by it. There was this little street that we had to walk through so that we can walk downstairs. By that time, my tummy is growling like a lion. I was so hungry. I was actually asking him if the walk is really gonna be worth it. I don't usually eat much when I am in the office. So when my legs are starting to get lazy I know I could eat an elephant.
Then there it was. A humble restaurant. Oh, a Japanese Restaurant. I was surprised that even though the place looked so inaccessible, in that time of the night, the resto was full. Maybe it was because it was Valentine's Day. My boyfriend somehow got disappointed because I might not be willing to wait. But, oh well, when he said that he really looked for it and checked it out over the internet, and also being the place really full, I think it's gonna be worth the wait.
So after about 10-15 minutes of waiting for our turn to dine, while mocking a girl who has a thicker pair of legs compared to her thighs, we were able to get seated on a very neat location inside the resto (pic in the middle - courtesy of the ever nicey waiter Junie).

So yeah, Junie took our order. 1 Regular Bento that consists of an ebi fry (cut in half), fried rice, miso soup, pork tonkatsu (i think), 4 pcs california maki, and a small salad (it's like chopped cabbage with mayo ^_^), while my boyfriend ordered an a la carte of Beef Asparagus with plain rice and yakisoba.
Waiter Junie and all the other staff were very efficient with their customer service. As in one wouldn't believe that he's in the Phils while he's inside Omakase because the customer service was very warm - welcoming, and you'd really feel in that resto that you are a customer and you were meant to be served. Junie even apologised when he wasn't able to deliver the water that we asked from him pronto.
So, after a few more minutes --- grueling for me because I was famished... the food was served.

It was --- fabuloso.
The kind of cooking wherein the food, unique as it's own little funky names, tasted differently from each other. Very different, varied tasted --- from the ebi fry to the pork tonkatsu (i think it's a tonkatsu not sure tho) to the beef asparagus. It's like when you closed your eyes and tasted a tonkatsu, it'd taste really like one and not just another ebi fry.
This place is --- Highly Recommended --- Price is Right.
But for the conclusion of my Valentine's Day, really, that was the most amazing, wonderful time that I've had. It was the sweetest Valentine's Day I've ever had as well. I can't be thankful enough.
Oh, by the way, Omakase also gave out a rose to all those women who seem to have had a date that time. So I was one of the girls that have received the roses. No, Brix couldn't give me flowers, I didn't ask him to give me flowers actually, I asked him to give me a garden.

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