Monday, 18 February 2008

Cocorama - Dance while your mouth is full of Pancakes!

It was a cold and windy Sunday afternoon.

After my part time work (ok it there such a part-time work that you do for 8 bloody hours? ^_^ well... ) Brix, my boyfriend, and I went to Shangri-la because I'm craving for a fluffy and moist and warm --- well --- pancakes! Yup. That's right. This was the best pancake I've ever tasted in my entire life here in Manila. And where do these moist and fluffy (I mean it! moist and fluffy!) pancakes could come from? --- Cocorama! Located just in front of the tickets booth at Shang. Well, what my lurvy and I usually do is we try walking past Cocorama, try the new flavors that they offer (blueberry, banana-walnut, pineapple, cherry) then when both of us cannot take it anymore we jump right on one of the tables, get the menu and order a generous amount of these Cocorama pancakes!

Do you see? Do you see that oozing mix of banana, caramel, and walnuts? Imagine those combining with the fluffy, moist, yummy taste of pancake all packed inside in your mouth and all the different flavors that it produces. Wooow. Heaven.

And that 4 pc pancake (well, aside from the service charge) only costs PhP185.00. (Libre tap water - hehe)

Should I wish to carbo-load again, I wouldn't think twice on these yum, yum, yummy pancakes. ^_^

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