Thursday, 28 August 2008

Nice View From the Plane (^_^)

Here's the view from above :) Awww...

Beau and I were aboard Cebu Pacific. I've been a frequent flyer of Cebu Pac's airbuses and for me, even when there is turbulence, I really don't feel a huge nausea while on flight. Althroughout the flight, it went on smoothly except for some "airsickness" that I've been feeling from time to time. On the two flights going to and fro Dumaguete, there were even some "games" that were hosted by the flight attendants. They asked some questions like, "What is this big whale that swims in the Islands of Bohol (or this is not verbatim, ok?)" and "What is the inactive volcano that is perfectly cone-shaped that could be found in the Philippines". And guess what? Being the "hyper-active" that I am (as Beau usually puts it), I was able to answer one of those 3 questions when we were on our way to Dumaguete!!! Ü hahaha. Well, such was an experience for me. Well, what can I do? I think I always would want to win contests! (talk about being competitive, eh? Ü).

Next will be my post when we landed at the Airport going to our very first food stop... Sans Rival!!! Ü

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Let's Start at the Airport - NAIA Terminal 3

So, of course, I shall not take a boat ride going to Dumaguete (Dgte). I'm a person who easily gets bored. I could already sing "Killing Me Softly" for an hour of flight for me (which is approx the time of flight from Manila to Dgte). I was surprised to know that Cebu Pac had sent us to T3. And sheesh, as I don't travel a lot. I felt really good that I'll be able to take a peek at this Airport the government so much prides.

So, check out the pictures and maybe you can pass the verdict yourself. Ü

BTW, Terminal Fee going to Dumaguete (or in any domestic flight I assume) is Php200.00.

Upon entering the Terminal. (Singing ~ I've come back this morning to where I first... Came alive...~~~). Look at the flash, somewhere there you will see my silhouette. ;p

For me, this is already humongous. Ü

I think they're for international flights S:)

Spacious, I should say Ü

I don't know what these booths are called, I call them booths - hehe (okay, educate me). But I know for sure this is where we got our plane tickets ♪♪♪ And this is where some people leave their baggages too.

Mr. Manong Guard and behind him is a spacious lot. (It's good to have ample space. I'm claustrophobic by choice. Hehehe).

Wow! Looks like I'm on my way for an International flight. (naks)

Yes. They also do have Cinnabon inside. It's about Php100.00 (approx 2 bucks) for 1 bon. At the malls, it's about 85 (I reckon).

Couple's pic before the flight. Ü

ÜÜÜ Here are some of the weird stuffs I saw inside the terminal ÜÜÜ

To be totally and reaaally honest, I don't have an idea where she'll be going. Ü

Sila Kuya ano kaya ang tinitignan sa banda roon??? (What are these guys looking at?)

And Finally...

Gate 116

I was there...

It was dark and raining before we went aboard.

Before boarding the plane. Lemme show you mah sweet smile! Ü

... And off we went! Ü♪Ü♪Ü

So there you have it. The first few hours of my trip :) I'll try, as much as I could, to post one trip per day as not to keep you hanging guys, fans, and gals!!! Ü

Tomorrow, then. ;p

Monday, 25 August 2008

Let Me Walk You Through My Entire Vacation

While I was away and experiencing Dumaguete and Siquijor for the first time. I was so in awe and I have realised that most of the time that I was silent, I was actually talking in my head! Ü

Anyhow, without further ado, here were the highlights of my entire travel this 2008.

Wednesday - Ate breakfast at Sans Rival. Tasted some of their goodies. Ü Went straight to Coco Grove Beach Resort in Siquijor. Swam in the pool and we ate a lot. But mostly took pictures and just went around the resort.

Thursday - Went around sightseeing in the island of Siquijor. We saw the oldest Balete/Balite tree in the world (about 400 y.o.). We also saw the Mangroves, the Cambugahay Falls, we swam at Salagdoong Beach, we saw the oldest house in Siquijor, the Capilay Spring Park, St. Isidore Labradore Parish Church and Convent among many others.

Friday - Left Siquijor at noon. Ate at Jo's Chicken Inato at Dumaguete City, then went straight to KooKoo's Nest in Antulang Peninsula.

Saturday - Left KooKoo's Nest at noon, went back to Dumaguete City. Looked for a neat hotel available (city is usually jam-packed on a weekend). Settled down, slept a little. Ate some spag from Sans Rival. Then ate pizza at Rosante's (now don Roberto's). Ate some Panda Ice Cream. Played Wii (hehehe). Went to the Boulevard to eat Dumaguete-style tempura.

Sunday - Can't get enough of Sans Rival! Waaah!Ü Went walking around the boulevard, took pics, roamed around the downtown, went to the "market" (palengke), dropped by the church for a quick silent prayer, went to Sans Rival to eat cakes, went to Urban Nirvana Spa to check the spa out, then back to the hotel, then back to Sans Rival for some spags and for some take-home goodies, then back to Urban Nirvana Spa for a 2 hour massage, and lastly, we headed to the Airport!


Yes, I know you want mooore details. Don't worry. See my next posts :D

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Mukha Ba Akong College?

Alam nyo ba nakailang beses ng sumakay ako ng bus tapos ang laging tanong sakin ng kundoktor eh... "Ma'am san kayo?" (normal question); "San kayo galing?" (normal question)...

Shempre, wala namang kakaiba sa tanong na yan dahil yan naman kadalasan ang palitan ng salita na nangyayari sa loob ng bus.

Pero eto ang malupet na tanong na halos gusto ko ng tumawa kapag tinatanong sa kin:
"Miss, estudyante ka ba?"

Nyorks! Gusto kong sabihin kay manong kunduktor na 2 taong gulang na ang anak ko, 3 taon na akong nagtratrabaho at halos 24 anyos na ang gulang ko... ESTUDYANTE?!?! Magna cum laude ba? (Magna-nine years sa kolehiyo? Excusa moi!)

Parang gusto kong isipin sa sarili ko kung naiisip ba nyang estudyante ako dahil hindi ako marunong mag ayos o estudyante ako dahil bansot ako. Kung alin man dun ang rason kung bakit ako tinatanong na estudyante, parang wala atang magandang sagot.

Sabihin ko kaya pabalik kay kuya... "Kung mukha akong estudyante kuya, sige go!" LOL

Ilang beses na din naitanong ng iba't ibang konduktor kung estudyante ba ako. Sa totoo lang, minsan, napag-iisip isip ko na din kung mula bukas kaya eh umpisahan ko ng sabihin na estudyante ako kapag nagtanong sila. Ha ha ha.

Cher at BBL, baka malugi kayo sa maling akala.

Friday, 15 August 2008

When One Has Broken The News

So, what happened since our first year anniversary? (Yes, t'was our anniv last 08/11/08). We'll the anniv day post itself is still on the making while let me tell you about the happenings on the days after that.

Monday. 08/11/08. Anniv. Let's skip on that day. You could see the story on my other post.

...Thank you, google, for providing me this pic...

Tuesday. 08/12/08. He went to an interview that had offered him a chance to go abroad. While he was there in the office waiting for his interview, I was very positive that he'll be accepted as I know my beau's very brilliant. So, right after lunch (as I reckon), he called me up from his mobile phone and informed me that he has been accepted for Dubai! Yay!!! Ü But as much as I was so happy for him, I felt like there was a bucket of cold water showered on me. Like there was an open faucet on my eyes and tears kept on pouring, yes, pouring down my face. Surprisingly for me, they were rolling on my face very rapidly. I noticed that I didn't have to shut my eyes close just to bring those tears out of my eyes. They were there, dripping unstoppably one by one. As if they were speaking for myself. As if it was my heart on my face. My eyes and my tears were showing right there and then the pain that I didn't even know existed. Maybe because I have finally felt the reality of us parting. That for more than a year that we have always been together, we would have to stay apart to have a fuller life eventually. While he was talking, I was trying to hide my shaky voice. Was I trying to put on a face? I don't know. All I know was I should not let him see a lot of pain from me as I want him to soar high. Inside me I know there were no second thoughts for me to stop or refrain him from going. Ever since day one that he has opened up to me his thoughts/intention of going abroad, I was all out support for a my beau. But when I have heard that he really is really going abroad now, somehow, I felt human. And it felt complicated. I felt pain along with joy. I was in tears while I was trying to smile. I was trying to swallow to place my shaky voice somewhere he couldn't notice or hear. I was just thankful that time as he has broken the news on the phone. I was far away from him and all he had seen (or heard rather) was just a part of me. As I know, somehow, had he seen me in person, in tears, it might break his heart as well.

For about five minutes of conversation, even if my heart was happy for the opportunity that fate has brought to us, I looked in the mirror and saw my nose had turned red, my eyes puffed from the bucket of tears that escaped from my eyes, and my face wet by them too. After the burst of feelings and emotions, I was able to compose myself. All without too much of a hint from my beau (or so I think). His words of consolation right at that phone conversation and even the things I have agreed with myself long time ago were all a balm to my heart. We hung up the phone, met at the messenger and ate at Amaretto after office work. Amaretto. One of the places I will so much miss for we have dined a couple of times there. Everytime I'd pass by and I would look through the window, seeing people dining, I will remember him. I'll remember us and all the parmesan cheeses that we shook on our pasta. I'll remember the fries and if he's going to sprinkle some salt or not on it. I'll remember the anticipation we both have for the next new pasta we'll order. Yes. I shall remember everything. And with vividness on each and every memory that's in it.

So far. Since the breaking news, (no, not heart-breaking news. Just news that has been laid down), I've been emotionally strong ever since. I have been happy, pushy in fact, with the thought of him leaving. We're both looking at the positive. Seeing that our plans and our dreams coming true. With us going somewhere abroad not for work but for leisure. With our son being able to go to a decent school. With him having his own business when he gets back here. With him being able to do daddy stuffs and be a hands-on pop. There were sometimes bursts of what-ifs and what-would-have-beens, the times when there were those obnoxious tears trying to creep out again, but I shove them right even before they surface. From that point on that he has laid down the news, I've swallowed the fact that that is what it should be ever since. I let him go... let him leave... as I know it's also me letting him live.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Happy Weekend!

The title says it all... :)

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Mother and Son

Just wanna share with you my beau's work of art...

He takes pictures... And it seems to me he takes them very well.

This shot was too... Sudden.

(I didn't know he even took this pic until I was browsing thru the pics in our camera!)

Nice. :D

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Wednesday na pala...


Kaninang bumubili ako ng kanin para sa aking tanghalian, nagtatanong ako sa tindera sa may canteen ng Yuchengco kung kelan ba sila magtitinda ulet ng ginataang kamote. (yes, opo, kamote po... anong masama sa kamote. aherm. kahit kamote lang yun, nagkakahalaga ng trenta pesos ang isang pesteng-yawang baso. ay... kung di lang ako mahilig sa ginataan). Mabalik tayo sa aking sinasabi. Sabi nung ale na nagtitinda nung "Lunes" daw sila nag-ginataan at di pa nila alam kung kelan ba ulet sila magtitinda nun. Ang sabi ko naman... "Ah kahapon lang ba kayo nagtinda, sayang naman..."

Sabi naman nung ale, "Ate, Wednesday na ngayon..."

Taas ang kaliwa kong kilay habang tumitingin ang eyeballs ko paitaas at ako'y nag isip ano ba ang ginawa ko nung Lunes at Martes.

Ay... Oo nga pala. Nung Lunes nasa ospital ako.

Kahapon lang ulet ako bumalik ng trabaho.

Miyerkoles na nga.


Bakhet si-yet?

Parang ang tingin sakin ng mga taong nakapila sa likod ko eh kung san akong lupalop ng Pilipinas galing hindi ko na alam na Miyerkoles na nun eh mag-tatanghalian na. May nanlalaki ang mata (o talaga lang sigurong malaki ang mata nya), may nakakunot ang noo... May... May... May-erkoles na nga.

Wala akong kamuwang-muwang na Miyerkoles na habang ang buo kong isip at katawan ay sadlak sa trabaho.

... Ang nagagawa nga naman ng 'di nakakakain ng ginataang kamote... :|

Sana bukas may kamote na.

And the People Have Asked...

Yes, of course. I still remember my promise... Here's the High School Musical video... Gurang version he he ehe.

Nak ng kalabaw. More than 1 hour na, ayaw pa din ma-upload ng video. 5 minutes kc eh.. Waaaah!!!

Can somebody help me with this??


Tuesday, 5 August 2008

She's Back! It's Me Who's Back!!!

My dearest readers!!!

Apologies! Apologies! Apologies!



Apologies for the long while I had been in hibernation. Much has happened and much has to be said. Although, as I write to you this post, I think I am in the state where I have some selected amnesia and I'm afraid I couldn't reckon much of what has happened for the past two weeks that I wasn't writing.

All for you to know, all I remember now was that I wasn't able to write a lot as there was an influx of cases that I had to Resolve per day. By the time I was ready to write even a simple post, my mind was already filled with air (or filled with nothing nonetheless) that no creative juice, not even a fluid had come out no matter how strongly (or weakly I assume) I squeezed my thoughts.

Anyhow, what shall I say for the remaining 15 minutes that I completely have my time for myself? Oh no, 14 now it is...

Going back two weeks ago, it's exhilirating to know that it's almost 2 weeks now and surprisingly, my household (and personal!) budget is still on the "budget"! Yay! After all the bills that has been paid and even the extra stuff that I had paid for, oh gosh, I'm so glad to tell everybody that "learning" how to budget and to manage ones finances really paid --- and still paying --- off. Although, even at this moment, I couldn't help but still ponder on what way I could augment this income still. As of course, it is my thinking I believe that I am young and have enough energy at hand and I might as well make the most out of this.

I remember one time there was a quote or a joke regarding life. It was said in this way...

Life has 3 things to offer, but you can never have everything. Therefore, it is diffcult to be happy. These would be time, money, and energy.
When you were young, you have a lot of time and energy, but cannot be truly happy because you don't have money.
When you have grown up, you still cannot be truly happy, as you have energy and money... But you do not have time. (in my case I do not have time and I have limited money harhar)
When you are old, you have all the time in the world and you also have money, too bad you cannot enjoy them both as you do not have energy anymore.
Sheesh... Lite's is a ditch, isn't it? Hehe.

So going back, I have been pondering with teaching english, training people, or something. It's just that... Hah... I dunno. I think there's this glass ceiling I'm trying to break for quite some time now. I'd llke to but it looks like I don't have time. :( (somebody help me on this!)

Okay... 'Nuff said.

On the lighter note, it shall be 6 days from now and my beau and I will celebrate our 1 year! Yay! --- If there is something I'd like to tell all you... It's that, I couldn't even believe that we've been together for a year already! It feels like it was just last Saturday that we're in Vivere (Alabang) for our first date (ah, yes. He brought me there. Such a spectacular place! Felt like dining in the sky. Cool breeze that brushed on my skin. Dim lights. And the sky line I saw below. Very serene and very relaxing. Must also be the reason why beau drank 2 glasses of their spirited special beverage. He he.).

So, yeah... There have been a lot of ups and downs but seeing it now, I give all the credit to him. That when I wanted to give up, he held on. When I wanted it off, he still wanted us together. That he saw what I couldn't see that time... US.

So, to my beau. I couldn't think of any other way to thank you for all your sacrifices. For me and your boxing companion, Yosh. I could say that you have grown so much and so well. I pray that you'll never stop growing and maturing to a kind and generous individual. Thank you for all your love and support. Yes, thank you for your love, that is not just bound to me, but also shared with Yosh, and to other individuals you may not even know of. I am glad for all the joy you bring into our home. And for cooking the best pancake, oatmeal, herbed potatoes, and crab meat soup.

I love you, Brix.

Will see you now.