Tuesday, 5 August 2008

She's Back! It's Me Who's Back!!!

My dearest readers!!!

Apologies! Apologies! Apologies!



Apologies for the long while I had been in hibernation. Much has happened and much has to be said. Although, as I write to you this post, I think I am in the state where I have some selected amnesia and I'm afraid I couldn't reckon much of what has happened for the past two weeks that I wasn't writing.

All for you to know, all I remember now was that I wasn't able to write a lot as there was an influx of cases that I had to Resolve per day. By the time I was ready to write even a simple post, my mind was already filled with air (or filled with nothing nonetheless) that no creative juice, not even a fluid had come out no matter how strongly (or weakly I assume) I squeezed my thoughts.

Anyhow, what shall I say for the remaining 15 minutes that I completely have my time for myself? Oh no, 14 now it is...

Going back two weeks ago, it's exhilirating to know that it's almost 2 weeks now and surprisingly, my household (and personal!) budget is still on the "budget"! Yay! After all the bills that has been paid and even the extra stuff that I had paid for, oh gosh, I'm so glad to tell everybody that "learning" how to budget and to manage ones finances really paid --- and still paying --- off. Although, even at this moment, I couldn't help but still ponder on what way I could augment this income still. As of course, it is my thinking I believe that I am young and have enough energy at hand and I might as well make the most out of this.

I remember one time there was a quote or a joke regarding life. It was said in this way...

Life has 3 things to offer, but you can never have everything. Therefore, it is diffcult to be happy. These would be time, money, and energy.
When you were young, you have a lot of time and energy, but cannot be truly happy because you don't have money.
When you have grown up, you still cannot be truly happy, as you have energy and money... But you do not have time. (in my case I do not have time and I have limited money harhar)
When you are old, you have all the time in the world and you also have money, too bad you cannot enjoy them both as you do not have energy anymore.
Sheesh... Lite's is a ditch, isn't it? Hehe.

So going back, I have been pondering with teaching english, training people, or something. It's just that... Hah... I dunno. I think there's this glass ceiling I'm trying to break for quite some time now. I'd llke to but it looks like I don't have time. :( (somebody help me on this!)

Okay... 'Nuff said.

On the lighter note, it shall be 6 days from now and my beau and I will celebrate our 1 year! Yay! --- If there is something I'd like to tell all you... It's that, I couldn't even believe that we've been together for a year already! It feels like it was just last Saturday that we're in Vivere (Alabang) for our first date (ah, yes. He brought me there. Such a spectacular place! Felt like dining in the sky. Cool breeze that brushed on my skin. Dim lights. And the sky line I saw below. Very serene and very relaxing. Must also be the reason why beau drank 2 glasses of their spirited special beverage. He he.).

So, yeah... There have been a lot of ups and downs but seeing it now, I give all the credit to him. That when I wanted to give up, he held on. When I wanted it off, he still wanted us together. That he saw what I couldn't see that time... US.

So, to my beau. I couldn't think of any other way to thank you for all your sacrifices. For me and your boxing companion, Yosh. I could say that you have grown so much and so well. I pray that you'll never stop growing and maturing to a kind and generous individual. Thank you for all your love and support. Yes, thank you for your love, that is not just bound to me, but also shared with Yosh, and to other individuals you may not even know of. I am glad for all the joy you bring into our home. And for cooking the best pancake, oatmeal, herbed potatoes, and crab meat soup.

I love you, Brix.

Will see you now.

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