Tuesday, 22 July 2008

And the deed has been done

And that isn't the deed that you're thinking, dirty head.

Remember I told you my officemates and I were going to dance for our operating unit anniversary? Great thing that it all through now! To summarize everything in a box, I like going up the stage and acting and dancing and all of that. :) Thing here is, I don't like practicing and all, I'm lazy. Oh yes, haughty I am and haughty I shall ever be. I feel theater arts - going up the stage - runs through my veins. And to my surprise (well, now I've finally seen it for myself) I saw (over the video that was taken by one of my colleague's bf) I saw I pretty much dance real good. He he. Yes, I know --- time to brag, time to brag...

The video? Lemme try uploading that tomorrow then.

Being the OC me, the boyfriend was able to notice that I'm pointing the locations/blocking of my dance-mates. Ha ha ha. Embarassing. Oh well, I just want everything to be perfect! What can I do?! :LOL

~~~~Lights were out and the music started to roll. It should have been the other way around. Light first, then play the music. I yelled at the technical person a few times to turn on the light. My dancemates, though, continued dancing and so I obliged doing so too, to my dismay. Finally, after about 15 seconds without light and people winking their eyes just trying to watch us, lights of different colours slowly started to light the stage and people yelled and screamed and cheered for us (they're just like that in the office - har har). For the past 12 presentations, it's all but cheap theater-like plays, sometimes dragging, some others perky enough to watch. We were the only ones dancing and something like making a party on the stage. So maybe that's the reason why people seemed to like it. And maybe due to people yelling and screaming their lungs out, some, if not most, of my dancemates forgot where to place themselves on the stage (where their "blockings" are as other people may put it). The whole time, I've been pointing at some of my dancemates where to go. Ha ha ha. The OC me. The OC me. Oh well, **it happens. Too bad that the 1 week we've been practicing, we'd only be able to show it once. Although, all in all, when I saw the video, geez, t'was good. Good enough for a presentation.

Although, my realization really wasn't that I was OC or that our presentation was cute.

I've realized, that geez. Now I know I've got some booty to shake. (har har)

Now, the juiciest part here is... When I upload the video, I wonder if you would know who I am there? ;p

P.S. Thanks for coming, "stage Dad" (the boyfriend). Love you. I don't have to tell you that, do I? :P


Roxy said...

Did you feel like your body was too damn tired but you still want to perform? Ive felt that when I was still in highschool, when I use to perform and it feels sooo goood especially when you see people are entertained. one more thing, when you get off stage and people just comes to you and say "Good Job" or "nice performance" nakakatanggal ng pagod noh? Good Job! :)

Oh I would looove to see the video :D

PS: Ive put you up my links.. or did I leave a msg on your cbox? dunno. LOL Oh well. Have a nice day :)

gillboard said...

video! video! video!


Miss Elle said...

woohoo! pa-burger ka naman! hehe. can't wait for the video sis. by the way, I've tagged you so I'm hoping you can grab it. kindly check out my page. :)