Monday, 7 July 2008

Weekending 6 July 2008 Updates

Waaah! So much for a weekfulofofficework!

I sooo feel bad that I wasn't able to blog these past few days. Oh, dear readers and commenters, I soooo mishusomuchos!!!

Arrrgh. Pending tags and blogroll. Yes. I've got to do them all. Don't worry guys, I'll tag all of ya :*

My hands have been itching to scribble about a lot of things that's been happening around me, like the MV Princess of the Stars; the interview that Pacquiao had with Unang Hirit (this is an early morning TV show in the Phils); the breakthrough Yoshua had with him trying to say his name; the date I had with Brix just this weekend and the weekend before that; my rants about the movie Wanted; my long awaited yearly travel that's going to be at Dumaguete, and; oh well.. my thoughts of migrating to Oz. BUt lo and behold. Now, all of those "fresh" ideas disappeared and got lost somewhere in translation coz I guess I wasn't able to blog 'em all at the time that my brain was freshly squeezed with ideas.

Anyhow, lemme do a little backtracking.

Brix and I had a special time at Omakase (one of my favorite Japanese spots in Alabang) last June 29 (or 28, kindly remind me, Baby - please). And this time around, I ordered my new favorite. A Zarusoba (soba means buckwheat and zaru means basket - see And yes, technically, the Zarusoba that I was served with was in this bamboo sheet, looks like something chefs use to make makis. (ayyy, sayang, I wasn't able to take a pic). So, we had a nice dinner that night while talking about lot's of stories (and also me making chismis to Brix about what's happening inside the office hehe).
Then yesterday, we went to Festival and we just walked around the mall (which is something I really not fond of doing, walking and window shopping - I'd prefer shopping - period. harhar). Pero shempre, Brix was with me, so of course, it's something I considered doing. We ate at BulBop (as usual) and I bought Yosh his first set of crayons. I would have to brace myself later when I get home and see if my son would have painted the walls, the appliances, and the floor with his colorful crayons. Hehe.


I didn't like the movie Wanted. Period.
If you'd see my previous posts, for me, it's just another "animated" movie. You know. The sort of "paangasan" movie and all. Hayyy, just talking abou the movie makes me bored already (hehe).


Again, something about Yosh. Okay, so since he was born, he's been having quite a hard time saying his name... He can't say Yosh, Yoshua, Yo-yo or anything! :D You know what I did? Asked him to say... "ME". Aba! Nasabi nya. So everytime, he's pertaining to himself, he says, "ME!!!". Hehehe.


My officemate, Irene is usually generous enough to share me her favorite foods, which are also my favorite. Yung liver paté, tapos yung strawberry cheesecake from Tagaytay :D Thanks, Irene!!! Yo da best!
One day I will tell you my story about me and her :)


Lastly, (eto na muna ng iba-blog ko for now). Brix and I have finally decided where we would go for a vacay this August. Yeah, yeah, we were sorta thinking of hitting the beach. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that we get to have the sunniest, driest time of August this year when we get to Dumaguete. Ahehe... Yep. It's in Dumaguete. It's a nicer place than Boracay.
And speaking of Boracay, I promised myself never to go there as I would just be wasting my money. Too crowded, too many people, too (well some people say) --- just too much ---. Oh well other people may feel different about it. Let me know.


gillboard said...

Haven't been to Dumaguete, and I agree, Boracay... way overrated.

Paper Tilapia said...

Naku, gillboard. Will let you know how Dumaguete looks like and how it feels to be there. I'm sure I have a lot of pics to share with you guys. :D Lam mo ba na dun nag-propose si Ryan Agoncillo kay Juday? Hehe. Share ko lang :P

samar bloggirl said...

haha. kapatid, the "ME" thing with Yosh made me laugh. hehe. hope he enjoys his crayons at baka maging Vincent van Gogh yang batang yan.

Kainggit naman kayo ni baby mo. looking forward to your raves and pics of dumaguete kapatid. :)

Roxy said...

Wow. Dumaguete, I havent actually been there but I googled it and I think its way better than boracay! (though I havent been to boracay too :P) Looking forward to see your photos :)

Paper Tilapia said...

@Roxy = yup! you'll surely will see a lot of 'em. Hunny got some good ol' cameras from the States :D hehe.