Sunday, 12 April 2009

Reliable Contact Persons and Tourist Spots Around (Panglao, Alona, Tagbilaran, Balicasag Island) Bohol

For Boats and Tour Guides WITHIN Balicasag Island,
contact Elmer or Rey at 63.921.630.3325

For A Reliable and Safe Bohol Tourist Guide,
contact Mang Roger at 63.920.405.4883

Read on for some of the Tourist Spots you should not miss in Bohol!! Ü

- ATV (All Terrain Vehicle). This could be found at the base of Chocolate Hills. Ask Mr. Roger, or your driver, to bring you there. Locals know that place because tourists makes sure they go drop by there because it is the best way to appreciate the beauty of Chocolate Hills. It's usually P750/hr but try to haggle most especially when you are a group (we were 6 people that time, we were able to haggle for P600/hr).

- Chocolate Hills. A Bohol Tour would be incomplete without visiting this majestic place and getting a background pic of this wonderful view. When we were there last Feb 2009, the hills were still green because it was rainy then. I bet this summer they have already turned brown in color for the leaves have went dry because of the scorching heat of the sun!

- Baclayon Church. This is more than a century old church. If you're fond of sort of creepy but historical old churches, then this site is for you. =) There are some areas, though, that you're not allowed to take pictures. But you will see a lot of statues of saints and Catholic idols displayed that are centuries old too!

- Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary. Awww! One of the most memorable place to go to in Bohol! These tiny little creatures that lay motionless when placed on your head or arm. They display this kind of tranquility that you would rarely see from anyone most especially when living at a fast paced society. These mammals are nocturnals that are awake at night and lie sleeping in the morning. Please do not use flash when capturing their pictures 'cos they get surprised, traumatized, and freaked out! Capiche?

- Prony the Python. Not to miss! Most especially its gay handler, Prona! Hahaha. By the way, this python could eat a whole live pig, I suppose it could eat a whole human being too. But because it was sleeping when we got there, we were able to take a pic and hold its cold-blooded flesh too.

- Loboc River Cruise. Well, Yang Tze River is longer and better, of course, but you still shouldn't miss eating, listening to great guys serenading you while eating lunch or dinner, while cruising this clean smelling, fresh looking river. And oh! At night, it just couldn't get any better! The lights, the ambience of romance... Some men could actually propose here, I must say. Just make sure you won't drop the ring on the river! =)

- Man Made Forest. These are thin Mahogany trees planted neatly close from each other. They were supposed to be thick trees, but because of the distance of one seed from the other, instead of the trees growing horizontally, they grew vertically with its unusual height!

- Dolphin Watching. A must. These are another majestic view that no one should ever miss. You should be there at about 5 to 5:30AM. If you would leave the beach at 6AM, you wouldn't see a lot.

- Snorkeling at Balicasag Island. One of the things I would not forget my entire life. The 1000 meter drop, the clown fishes, the feeding of fishes with unsalted bread, the sort of wavy waters, the scary sea urchins, the colourful sea bed with all the many different species swimming and living in it, the scorching heat of the sun, the tiny boat the 6 of us riding, the friendly fishermen / tourist guides, and of course... the tan lines. Hee hee.

- Virgin Island. The white pure sand, the 2.5km sand bar, the wonderful scenery, the salty smell of the sea, and the nice cheap pearls that could be bought about P500 to P1,000 a set!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Best Cheap Transient Hotels and Pensions Houses in Panglao, Bohol

OMG! Such a wonderful place! =)

Let me guide you to the Best Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts in Bohol.

Here are some of the recommended Cheap Hotels and Pension Houses in Bohol that I myself had gone to (and maybe will return to sometime soon!): =)

Paragayo Resort =
Situated along the main road of Panglao island, Paragayo Resort boasts their affordable, clean, and hygienic rooms. It may not be a beach front hotel but it's only about 3 minutes leisurely walk going to the Alona beach. Powder Keg is just a few meters from the resort, which specializes in authentic Italian Pizza.

Room = Clean! 5 Stars
Toilet and Bath = Very Clean Also! 5 Stars
Aircon = Working and Cold! 4 Stars (there's just this buzzing tone at night. Not sure if everyone would appreciate it)
Water = Sort of Salty! 3 Stars (hey, you're near the beach! what would you expect?! =p )
Sheets = You will have to request for it to be changed before they do. 3 Stars
Customer Service = Great! 4 1/2 Stars (the ladies there were very friendly. Although I suppose they could still improve their English? But they are good enough, understandable Ü)

Isis Bungalows =
Just right in the beach front, Isis Bungalows boasts of its bungalows (or rooms) that are painted in clean white combined with its crystal blue curtains. Not to mention that they serve delicious and chili curry and great cocktail drinks as well! (like Sex on the Beach, Tequila Sunrise, Shirley Temple, Mindoro Sling, etc.)

Room = Affordable Luxury. 5 Stars!
Toilet and Bath = 5 girls can fit in lying down! Always Clean! 5 Stars!
Aircon = Still has this humming sound at night. 4 Stars.
Water = Less salty. 4 Stars!
Customer Service = Great! 4 1/2! =) (there were just some gaps, but they're nice!)

For A Reliable and Safe Bohol Tourist Guide,
contact Mang (Mister) Roger at 63.920.405.4883
- He knows the whole of Bohol and Panglao Island
- He knows how to speak English
- He has a couple of vehicles like vans, cars, and boats. You can request for any of those depending on your requirement
- He could give you discounted tour rates

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Widdles, Tweedles, and Meedles 05/04/09

Last Saturday, Y and I went to the doctor to get him checked-up and all that. I had come into a conclusion that we should be at the doctor's clinic two hours before it opens so that we could be the first few patients on the line. We were fifth among the 15 patients last Saturday and I was so elated to know that we'll finish early.

While we were waiting for the doctor to arrive, I managed to take note of the questions that swifted my thoughts in passing. We were already in the clinic and Y was playing with an eyeglassed-kid, so there was nothing for me to worry. 'Sides, he's already in the stage that I don't really need to always be after him cos he can manage most of the time.

He's growing up so fast. On a pace I myself couldn't keep up.

I was able to write about 2 pages of questions and verifications and follow-up queries for the doctor. Experience has taught me that Y's doctor, Dra. Pamela Caedo, is very spontaneous. She does her sessions in a flash. Like about 5-7 minutes and she's done! Thus, me writing all my queries so as not to waste my time thinking, recalling my questions nor her time as well.

Here's what I have found out (some of which I have already put into actions):
- By the age of 3, Y needs to get his eyes checked up (he's almost 3 so I'm going to get his eyes check-up by next week)
- He could join swimming classes (Will enroll him at Bert Lozada Swimming School by May!! =) --- or June) -- visit; They are offering this 10 sessions/30-minute per session course for only P4,000.00! I'm working out my sched on May so that I could bring Y to the office and after work, we could go to his swimming lessons at Somerset Salcedo Makati. Aye! Ü
- He needs to get boosters for his shots
- He's been advised to take Cherifer as his vitamins (Done!)
- It's OK for him to fly to Palawan
- It's advisable for him to go to school rather than staying at home and watching TV
- He needs to be de-wormed once a year, whether or not there is a symptom (Done!)

After we went to the doctor, B met us at the Festival Mall. We ate at Super Bowl and enjoyed their offer of P159.00 for a whole feast of dimsum and dumplings, which composed of siomai, siopao, shrimp dumplings (these were yum!), and fried vegetable lumpia. We also ordered Lechon Macau and a platter-full of Yang Chow rice. They were all YUM! ~~~ And of course, this time, we didn't miss ordering Super Bowl's Taho... It's a Filipino favorite (and maybe Chinese too, not sure tho), made of soft tofu gushed with brown sugary syrup topped with tiny tapioca balls. It's like all Filipinos have went through buying, touching, tasting, and enjoying Taho when they were young! The most enjoyable part of that Taho session was when we were scooping out the jiggling soft, white tofu out of the stainless steel container, then placing it on our little ceramic dessert bowls, then putting about 3 spoonfuls of those sweet, sugary syrup and finally topping it with those glass-like tapioca balls.

Ah! That was a moment to remember.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Willy-Nillies 30/03/09

You know the expression "one jujube at a time"? It's got a whole new meaning to me now. You see, it's been a while since I've been regularly attending church service. Not that I am a goody-two-shoes church girl or anything. It's just that there were other things that I was prioritizing then that I forgot that I also needed to feed my spiritual self too. So, there I go, for more than a month now, that I am (as much as I could) attending church for the sake of doing so.

When I started attending church again for the first time this year, all the faces I have seen were new. I haven't recognized any old-timer or something. Like as if all of them has went on with their lives alongside with them leaving the church as well. I felt peculiar, moreso, alienated. But what could I do? I told myself that I only have about 1 1/2 to 2 hours of time to spend every Sunday and I was just there for the preaching so what the heck, right? So there I went, Sunday after Sunday. It was a more-than-willing decision for me to go to that church, sit at the very last row, stretch my neck so that I could see the Pastor, and just feel like a ghostly visitor. Up until now, I actually don't know why am I keeping myself sort of distant to everyone else. Like Sunday for me is my anti-social day. No people. No greetings. No anything.

And it felt like I was one with myself (well, sorta). Like the whole time I was alone and was paying attention to the preacher, I was also observing the people that were around me and how they act, react, and all that. Sunday for me, though I'm alone, was a fun experience.

There would be also some times that I bring Yosh along. He's really a jolly, bouncing kid and has that unwavering energy that keeps up with any kid his age or even older than him. The joy that he has is very contagious. That sorts of haunts me (in a good way). And his smile is pasted my head until I don't know when. Kids do have a charming way of keeping their parent's heart without over-reacting nor demanding. And yes, seeing him at church is a very refreshing way to start my week. Even if I had to bring him along with me, feed him, keep up with his energy, and entertain him ---- whenever I spend time with him, I feel like I won a million bucks... everytime! Haha. I sometimes wish those feelings would readily turn out as real money too! Hehe.

Anyhow, I used to think that Yosh is a late speaker, and indeed he was. It was only about a month ago that he knew how to express himself in about two to three words (at most). Like, "Penge Pee-Po" (May I ask for a change?), or "Mommy Poo Poo", or "Tita Asan?" (Where's Auntie). However, it's amazing that he has this heart in him that really wants to communicate. That which wants to connect and be understood. He doesn't do a lot of blabbering anymore. He could name Sponge Bob, Batman, and Spiderman with his baby-ish enunciation 'cos he couldn't pronounce the names very well yet. It's more like my housemates and I just need a little getting used to the words he is speaking and we could talk to him already.

Awww... I'm going to reminisce these days that Y is still a baby... A toddler... A little boy. =)

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A Writer I Am Not --- Just Yet

For the past few weeks, I have been trying to write essays and all that. For something... It was not easy, really. I have realised that I settled to expressing myself in simple words and plain statements. The love for words and the love for expressing myself with total surrender had come to a halt without my knowledge. I have written a 750-word essay for about three days (with intervals of long hours in between). Which is frustrating. Playing with words, using them in different situations, discovering a new meaning and use to it, whilst intentionally impressing other people was a part of myself before. I was trying to learn. I was, at the very least, trying. And that self was long gone without me realising it. Too much buried in work I suppose and maybe I just settled for something more convenient, which is auto-thinking. Automatically unthinking. Guess this started when I thought I do so well with my work that I have lesser and lesser grammatical errors on the sentences I type over and over again, and all I had to do was to type without giving too much regard. The sentences I need to send out to our customers need not be too articulate nor expressive anyway.

It was lethal.

Even the small taps of my fingers on my keyboard sometimes distracts me of my foregoing thought about a topic or a sentence that I was about to write. But it's impossible for me to type without a sound, as it is the same to everyone, isn't it? Nevertheless, I was given two options. To proceed or not to proceed with this another painful learning point of my life. To learn or to settle. To grow or to be stunted. In any case, we both know what I would choose.

After I have dealt with myself and my personal concerns of why human act like human, I am now on another phase of my life where this time... It's me re-evaluating how far I have come when it comes to my knowledge of expressing myself.

It not gonna be an easy journey, and most probably just like the others, this will be a lifetime process.

I wrote this post in about an hour.

Another blow of frustration.

Why don't I start pulling up my MS Word again?

Thursday, 19 March 2009

I CHOOSE TO BE BETTER (A Story Worth Sharing)

I'd like to share this to all of you. We sometimes need someone or something to remind us that life could be lived easier that we thought...

We just need to make the right choices.


John is the kind of guy you love to hate. He is always in a good mood and always has something positive to say. When someone would ask him how he was doing, he would reply, 'If I were any better, I would be twins!'

He was a natural motivator.

If an employee was having a bad day, John was there telling the employee how to look on the positive side of the situation.

Seeing this style really made me curious, so one day I went up and asked him, 'I don't get it!

You can't be a positive person all of the time How do you do it?'

He replied, 'Each morning I wake up and say to myself, you have two choices today. You can choose to be in a good mood or ... you can choose to be in a bad mood

I choose to be in a good mood.'

Each time something bad happens, I can choose to be a victim or...I can choose to learn from it. I choose to learn from it.

Every time someone comes to me complaining, I can choose to accept their complaining or... I can point out the positive side of life. I choose the positive side of life.

'Yeah, right, it's not that easy,' I protested.

'Yes, it is,' he said. 'Life is all about choices. When you cut away all the junk, every situation is a choice. You choose how you react to situations. You choose how people affect your mood.

You choose to be in a good mood or bad mood. The bottom line: It's your choice how you live your life.'

I reflected on what he said. Soon hereafter, I left the Tower Industry to start my own business. We lost touch, but I often thought about him when I made a choice about life instead of reacting to it.

Several years later, I heard that he was involved in a serious accident, falling some 60 feet from a communications tower.

After 18 hours of surgery and weeks of intensive care, he was released from the hospital with rods placed in his back.

I saw him about six months after the accident.

When I asked him how he was, he replied, 'If I were any better, I'd be twins..Wanna see my scars?'

I declined to see his wounds, but I did ask him what had gone through his mind as the accident took place.

'The first thing that went through my mind was the well-being of my soon-to-be born daughter,' he replied. 'Then, as I lay on the ground, I remembered that I had two choices: I could choose to live or...I could choose to die. I chose to live.'

'Weren't you scared? Did you lose consciousness? ' I asked

He continued, '..the paramedics were great.

They kept telling me I was going to be fine. But when they wheeled me into the ER and I saw the expressions on the faces of the doctors and nurses, I got really scared. In their eyes, I read 'he's a dead man'. I knew I needed to take action.'

'What did you do?' I asked.

'Well, there was a big burly nurse shouting questions at me,' said John. 'She asked if I was allergic to anything 'Yes, I replied.' The doctors and nurses stopped working as they waited for my reply. I took a deep breath and yelled, 'Gravity''

Over their laughter, I told them, 'I am choosing to live. Operate on me as if I am alive, not dead.'

He lived, thanks to the skill of his doctors, but also because of his amazing attitude... I learned from him that every day we have the choice to live fully.

Attitude, after all, is everything .

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.' Matthew 6:34.

After all today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

You have two choices now:

01. Delete this

02. Forward it to the people you care about.

You know the choice I made.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Prepare for Earth Hour (March 28, 2009 at 8:30 pm)

For Quite Some Time I Have Been Doing These Earth-Saving Things Without My Knowledge:

- Not using the electricity too much. Not too much light at night. No lampshades, no turned on lights while sleeping.
- Not having a washing machine, microwave oven, air-con
- Not buying a car and choosing to either carpool or take public transport
- Not throwing garbage just any where
- Not destroying the beaches by leaving my rubbish garbages there. Bringing with me whatever I had brought with me
- Choosing energy efficient appliances and light bulbs
- Keeping my toilet napkin and tissue-free
- Giving unwanted clothes to charities
- Using some of these unwanted clothes as rags or wearing these clothes at home to an extent that it's almost rag-like (hehe)
- Using water used for shower as a toilet flush
- Re-using my pair of pants (seriously!)
- Re-using papers, avoiding unnecessary printing, using both sides of the paper when printing
- Preferring paper cups over plastic cups

On 28 March 2009, just like what I did last year. For an hour, I have turned off all my electricity and savored the time that I was contributing to a world-wide cause. 15 days from now, I shall wholeheartedly do the same.

Yes, I am an activist for a world-wide cause. A part of World Wide Fund organisation that hoping to save lives of species that contributes to the balance of our ecosystem, and eventually, hoping to save the lives of millions of people that live with it as well.

There would be about 80 years that Y left on this earth and I would like to leave him a world that is still wonderfully and magnificently live-able.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Asbestos Related Treatment

A diagnosis and treatment of mesothelioma is always difficult, whether it is pleural mesothelioma or another variety. Because this is such an aggressive and stubborn form of cancer, patients and their families may have a difficult time addressing the issue of treatment, but because options for mesothelioma patients are steadily increasing, the discussion of treatment is quite important, even if all hope seems lost.

Each mesothelioma case is considered individually and there is no right or wrong treatment for the disease. What's best for you or your loved one will depend on a number of factors. Diagnostic tools such as x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and biopsies will be used to determine these factors and these tests will assist the doctor and/or oncologist in determining the best treatment for the patient in question.

Surgery can be performed on mesothelioma patients for one of two reasons: in an attempt to cure the disease or for palliative reasons in order to keep the patient more comfortable and improve the quality of life. Unfortunately, because mesothelioma is almost always diagnosed in its late stages, curative surgery is not usually an option.

Following the backlash of asbestos-related exposures and illnesses, many people were wondering how scientific research was going to proceed. The response has been encouraging, with cancer specialists and other doctors working each day towards a cure for malignant mesothelioma. While a way to completely eliminate the cancer from the body does not presently exist, there are several successful mesothelioma treatment programs as well as clinical trials that are working towards developing a way to eliminate this unfortunate form of cancer.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Pepper Lunch? Pepper Lunch!

Pepper Lunch, yes indeed. Just by looking at the foods at their website makes me go *yummmm*. Ü
To know more about them, visit their website at:

"I Love You, Yaya!" Seminar and Book by Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan

First of all, I would like to thank the heavens above for sending me a well-suited Yaya for Yosh... Melody. Ü She's very respectful and have a high regard for everybody and really cares for Yosh.

This being said, I was thinking of sponsoring her for some seminars like how to improve caregiving for toddlers and how to cook nutritious meals, etc.

I have received an e-mail from a colleague and she shared about Ms. Maricel Laxa- Pangilinan's book launch and version of her "I Love You, Yaya!" Seminars.

I really do not know what's inside the book (got some ideas though) but for sure I know that moms like me (and yayas too!) will definitely learn from Maricel's words of wisdom and knowledge and expertise as a mother and an employer.

For the book launch and seminar this March 29, 2009, here are the details:
Date: March 29, 2009, Sunday
Time: 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Location: Powerbooks - Megamall (Ortigas Center, Pasig City)
Speakers: Maricel Laxa Pangilinan, Dr. Donna Simpao

I highly encourage moms to bring their yayas at this seminar. These yayas will sure enjoy learning new things from the experts and they will feel empowered using these new ideas in their workplace... which is our homes. Ü
Added on 10 July 09:
My colleague has forwarded this e-mail to me. I highly encourage SINGLE PARENTS like me to grab this book at their nearest bookstores! Below is the e-mail Ü ~
HI, EVERYONE... this is Felichi Buizon.
"I Love You, Yaya!" HANDBOOK
A Must-Have for Caregivers and Employers
In these busy times, parents cannot discount the tremendous impact yayas or caregivers have on their children. For the past 10 years, The Parenting Company (TPC), in its advocacy of providing the best care for children, has been conducting the "I Love You, Yaya!" seminar program, a one-day training workshop for child caregivers and first time mothers. Conceptualized by mompreneur and celebrity mom, Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, the "I Love You, Yaya!" seminar program aims to empower and equip caregivers with basic knowledge and skills to create a healthy and holistic environment where the child can maximize his potentials in different aspects of life. Maricel, together with sisters-in-law Dr. Donna Simpao and Felichi Buizon, along with professionals from various fields on child care, have been bringing the advocacy around the country-in residential areas, the corporate world, even in showbusiness.The Parenting Company and the trainers want to reach more parents and caregivers to make a significant difference in the lives of children. But the "I Love You, Yaya!" seminar program is still far from covering the entire country. Thus, TPC offers a must-have handbook for both caregivers and employers-The Yaya Handbook. It is a two-part reference book containing informative articles on hiring, training, and nurturing caregivers, as well as practical guides on first aid for children, common illnesses, developmental milestones, and even fighting stress. What's more, yayas can listen to the trainers themselves as the handbook comes with an audio CD containing the lectures in the handbook. It's like listening to the actual "I Love You, Yaya!" seminar in your own home! The Yaya Handbook-get it now and help make a difference in our children and caregivers' lives. For Orders and Inquiries Call: 920-0537 or email
Special Discount for Bulk Orders!
Available at TPC Office #59-A Xavierville Ave. Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Employer's Handbook
An Employer's Guide with the following topics:
· Interviewing Caregivers
· Will you or will you not?
· Getting helpers from a recruitment agency
· A Guide to Partnering With Our Yayas
· Delegate
· Common mistakes we (parents and yayas) make in feeding our children
· Teach your Yaya the value of disease prevention
· Yaya: Your Organization Buddy
· Educating Our House help
· Helping our helpers help themselves
· Nurturing Caregivers
· Love Your Kasambahay
· Letting our helpers celebrate Christmas too
· Best Gift Ever: SSS for your household employees
· Enforcing the Day-off Policy
· Your Yaya and her cellphone
· Watch what they say!
· Letting Go
· Relax and see a movie
· Vacationing without Yaya: Will it really be a vacation?
· Yayas and the never ending birthday parties
· Boosting Boys Molding Men
· Keeping Them Happy
· Family that Eats Together
· Engaging your Child's Cooperation
Yaya Handbook
A Yaya's Manual accompanied by an audio CD with the following topics:
Topic 1: Gabay sa Wasto at Masustansiyang Pagpapakain sa Bata at Sarili (Basic Nutrition)
Topic 2: Kalinisan, Kalusugan, at Kaayusan sa Pag-aalaga ng Bata (Health, Hygiene, and Orderliness for Child Caregivers)
Topic 3: Gabay sa Paglaki ng Bata (Developmental Milestones)
Topic 4: Gabay sa Wastong Pangunahing Lunas para sa mga Bata (Basic First Aid for Young Children)
Topic 5: Mga Karaniwang Sakit ng Bata (Common Illness)
Topic 6: Laro Tayo! Pagbuo ng Isang Malikhaing Kapaligiran (On Play)
Topic 7: CreActivity (Activities to Enhance Creativity)
Topic 8: Tayo'y Magbasa at Magsulat! (Pre-Reading and Pre-Writing Activities)
Topic 9: I-Off na Muna ang TV (Alternatives to TV viewing)
Topic 10: Epektibong Ugnayan ng mga Kasambahay ng Pamilya (Family and Yaya Partnership)
Topic 11: Gabay sa Mabuting Asal at Tamang Pakikitungo ni Yaya sa Tahanan (Good Yaya Manners)
Topic 12: Pag-iwas sa Stress & Burn-out ni Yaya (Yaya Stress)Hindi biro ang maging Yaya, di ba?

The Parenting Company, Inc.
1107 Jollibee Plaza Comdominium F. Ortigas Road (Formerly Emerald Road) Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines 1605, MNL
p: 995-4918 / 995-4908 f: 638-4156
Website - None Supplied
E-mail: (Look for Jovette Pangilinan)
The Parenting Company Inc. offers parenting and familytraining programs and services. We want to educate and equip parents and individuals with effective techniques and build up essential skills in strengthening families today. The Parenting Company Inc. also organizes and manages various family projects and events in partnership with key organizations, corporate partners and sponsors. Our pool of consultants is headed by “chief disturber” and top motivational speaker Mr. Anthony Pangilinan and his wife, multi-awarded actress and “mompreneur” Ms. Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan. Wanting to give only the best training to parents and individuals, The Parenting Company Inc. has top-caliber parenting experts and advocates as trainers, consultants and resource speakers. We are passionate in advocating effective parenting and in bringing positive change in the home for our society’s progress. Partner with us as we work to increase the Filipino family’s skills and abilities, equip them with the necessary tools for growth and development, strengthen their personhood and effect change in the home for our society’s progress.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

It Feels So Good To Be Thankful

Been out of the blogosphere for more than a month. The longest I've not visited my blog. Gee, I feel like it feels being neglected. I'm sorry, teeny-tiny blog. I missed you though.

Ewan (I dunno)... since my camera bailed out on me, it feels like I have nothing much to say anymore. Or is it just me? Anyhow, let me give you an update (like some sort of) since my last post. Ü

I went to the massage that I was raving about (see previous post). And I must say that I wasn't really that impressed. =/ I don't know... I mean I was right on that massage bed for about 6 hours but there was really nothing to rave about. Oh well, it's just me. I mean don't get me wrong, he worked in a way that was "pulido" (in detail). Maybe I am just used to the massage Jalila (from The Spa) provides me.

At least now, I'll just come back for The Spa's massage, ginger tea, and contrast therapy bath.

Speaking of Contrast Therapy Bath --- did you know that it could help you lose weight?

What is Contrast Therapy Bath anyway? It is AKA Hot/Cold Immersion Therapy. It is a form of treatment where a limb or the entire body is immersed in tolerable hot water, or sauna, or steam, followed by the immediate immersion of the limb or body in a very cold water.

Anyway... Enough of those. Let me tell you the best things that happened to me for the past few weeks.

One, I went to Bohol again. This time I was able to enjoy the time I had there. The last time I was there I only stayed overnight.

Two, I had made new and good friends when I went to Bohol. Little did I know that I would have a new barkada out of them. I was thinking na mabo-bore ako or maa-out of place. But there was no waking moment that it happened. Everytime we were together, lagi kaming nagtatawanan, nagkukulitan, nag-aasaran, nag-aalipustahan, at shempre hindi din nawala yung inuman. Haha. Sabaw ako madalas nung nasa Bohol kami. And yes, now I promised myself I won't get drunk in front of them.

Thank you Au, Gec, Gel, and Joey. You're a blessing to me. Samin ni Y.

Three, I was able to bring Y in the office again. Ü grabe. Namimiss ko na ang anak ko na yun. I'm praying right now na sana magkaron na kami ng katulong. Nung Feb 16, andito sha, ayun, laro sha ng laro. Pero most of the time natulog lang sha kasi napuyat sha the night before. Tapos nung hapon, nagpunta kami ng ATC. Kumain kami ng Tanigue Steak (Php 105.00) sa Mesa Steak Grill (ok naman ang pagkain dun kaya lang shempre mas masarap at hindi nila tinipid ang ingredients nung unang panahon). Pagkatapos namin kumain ni Y, ayun, naglaro na sha ng naglaro sa playground malapit sa Burger King. Tapos, alam nyo ba? Yun yung araw na natuto shang magslide pababa sa pole (yung parang fireman's pole). Ambilis nyang matuto, grabe.
May gifted child talaga ako. Ü
Sana magkasama na kaming muli. Yung mahigit lang sa pag-ii-spend ng weekend kasama ang isa't-isa.
Naiyak nga ako nung pinakuha ko muna si Y sa nanay ko nung Lunes ng gabi (16/02/09). Kasi ayaw talagang umalis ni Y sa bahay. Alam siguro nya na yun ang "home" nya.

Four, thank you kay C. Na open ang bahay nya sa mga pagkakataong kelangan ko ng matutulugan. At masaya akong magkaron ako ng lukaret na kaibigan sa kanya. At kahit minsan, aminado ako sa sarili kong nawi-weirdo-han ako 'pag gumigimik kami dahil bigla umaakyat ang "sosy-meter" nya 'pag nasa labas kami. Hee hee.

Five, salamat kay Ch dahil ni-reprieve nya yung late ko na valid naman. =)

Six, yung prayer ko na matuloy ang summer outing namin sa Punta De Fabian --- nasagot ni Lord (Thank you, sobra, Lord!Ü). Ayun. I think that is my getaway-from-it-all place in the future. Grabe, tungkol jan sa summer outing na yan, ako na ang nagdi-direct. Maraming plano, sobrang konti ng panahon. Sarap. =)

Seven, natutuwa sakin ang mga ka-team mates ko tulungan silang mag organise ng parties. Haha. Party girl nga siguro ko (huwattt?!haha). Sana nga nag-events organiser na lang ako or, ika nga nila Gel and Au, Tourist Guide. Haha. Siguro nga I was born for it. =p

Eight, I felt happy with Gilbert thanking me sa small things na nagawa ko for him. Ü You're welcome, Gilley! Buti nga ngayon at di ka na mahiyain. Hee hee. And thanks din sa ... you know what =p

Nine, I was über-surprised with the flowers B gave me. Kahit di na akma sa atmosphere namin yun. I was happy, elated, and thankful. The flowers have wilted dahil sa sobrang init sa loob ng bahay... pero sana hindi yung kung anuman yung meron kami. Kahapon nga pala we went out to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic. Ok lang yung movie. Parang andaming cuts. Mas mag eenjoy siguro ako sa movie nila John Lloyd at Sarah o kaya sa He's Just Not That Into You.

Ten, the things and people that are usually overlooked... I am most thankful.

Well, those made my weeks and my time worth living. =)

Friday, 16 January 2009

Best and Practical Price for Reflexology / Therapeutic / Swedish / Shiatsu Massage is now in MANILA!! Only Php 800 for 4 Hours of Massage!! Ü

A lot of us would like to make a bang for our buck, right? Of course। Everybody would like to make the most out of what we they earn। Sometimes, though, after the hustle and bustle of a busy life, we find our bodies stressed out and literally aching in pain। So what do we do? We either take in some medicines, wallow with the pain, drink some booze, or go to the Spa - whichever fits us most.

With the other people who prefers paying themselves back through a good massage and a steaming sauna, one would need to shell out about at least Php 1,000.00 for an hour of decent sauna and massage. Unfortunately, to some (most especially men), an hour is not enough. But one has to be budget-wise, he would opt for the Php 1,000 and would just ask the masseuse to focus on the most-stressed areas that he has (usually feet and upper back).

All this being said, I was blessed to have found and known Mr. and Mrs. Bing Chua. Mr. (Bing) Chua has studied in Canada to learn Reflexology, among others, he has also learned Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Swedish, and Shiatsu therapeutic massages. I spoke with Mrs. Linda Chua (his wife) this afternoon and she's a gentle soul. She said that healing and massaging is just her husband's passion (no wonder a lot of people rave that he does it well!) and that his heart is devoted on therapy and healing other people. He is a one man team and he's just being assisted by his wife with small things, over-all, he's the one who does the Ultimate 4-hour massage.

Well, actually it isn't 4 hours. Sometimes, it is more than 4 hours, depending on the body type. Ma'am Linda said, most especially if it's a guy who has a big built, it takes about 6 hours for the whole massage to finish. They start at 12PM and end at about 6PM. Just like was said above, the Php 800 really don't mean much to Sir Bing, he's just passionate with what he's doing. The Php 800 just goes to the electricity, the maintenance of the place, the aircon (yes! the room has A/C!), the towels (washing and replacing), and the devices that he uses, maintains, and upgrades.

Over-all, I have heard all praises and raves about Sir Bing. I mean, even if I have yet to meet him (I have already booked on 24 January at 10AM - until about 2PM), I know that I am in very, very good hands because I am with a person who works not just with his hands... but also with his heart. Ü

How to get there?
by commute (sorry, I don't drive =) )
Take a bus going to Cubao, drop off at P. Tuazon. Ride a tricycle and tell him to go to 14th Avenue. On the 14th Avenue, there's Townsquare, just look for the newest Townhouse and that's it.

You could ask for Ma'am Linda's assistance (she will meet you in front of her house) through these numbers:
mobile - (+63) 919-592 5585
landline - (+63) 2-437 1991

Have a Healthy and Amazing Life!! Ü

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Cebu Cheap Budget Hotels and Transient Rooms with Contact Numbers

- Sugbutel - Transient
P250/head (kid 3-11yo 50% off)
highly recommended for backpackers

- NO Name - Transient
P 700.00/ overnight stay
Own Toilet & Bath
Location: Sanson Road, Across JY Square Mall
(+63 32) 515.5915

- Tubod Flowing Waters Resort (with swimming pool)
Standard Single Room (2 max) - P1,200
(+63 32) 272 3467

- Rajah Park Hotel
Standard Room - P 2,400/room/night with breakfast
Location: Fuente Osmena, Cebu City
(6332) 412-3337 , 412-4850, 254-7277

- Holiday Plaza Hotel
Superior Room - P2,450/room/night with breakfast
(+63 32) 2549880
Location: Ramos, St., Cebu City

- Richmond Plaza Hotel
Deluxe Room - $85/room/night only
Location: Mactan Island, Cebu
(+63) 32 232-0361

- Eddie's Hotel
Standard Room - P1,630/room/night only
Location: F. Manalo St., Cebu City
(632) 910-4203 up to 05

- Mango Park Hotel
Standard Room - P 1,880/room/night only with breakfast
Location: Gen. Maxilom Avenue
(032) 233-1511 up to 14

- Cebu Grand Hotel
Superior Room - P 2,700/room/night only with breakfast
Location: Escario St., Cebu City

Beach Resorts and Contact Numbers Available in Malapascua Island

Two years ago, I've been to this terrific, magnificent, and amazing island. I must say that this is one of the cleanest beaches I've ever been to. The sand is powder white with clear blue waters welcoming you to swim, snorkel, and dive. Although in the land, there is nothing much to do here but to swim or to bask in the sun to get a tan, I recommend this to people who do not appreciate many crowd or partying in the night (unlike in Bora). You can get a tan here and there wouldn't be a lot of people staring at you. When Beau and I were there about 2 years ago, we were sunbathing for more than 2 hours and all we saw walking on the beach was a pair of couple. You can also pig out here as there are a lot of restaurants that you could choose to eat at. There is the Japanese Restaurant (it just looks like a simple house outside, the house is painted green, and there's a couple of wooden seats for you to dine at but man! the food is über-authentic, ask him around and they'll know who you would be talking about), there's a much bigger resto in front of that, just so you know. This Japanese Resto serves the best Gyoza that you could ever taste in a secluded island I tell you! Nearby that place is Ging-ging's Resto is that serves the best choco-pancakes with fresh mango on top! Whew! Just remembering it would make my mouth watery. Gosh. This is the only reason why I would like to go back to Malapascua. Haha. This island is at the northernmost part of Cebu and is about 4 hours away from Mactan Airport.

To get there from the Airport, take a Taxi going to Northern Bus Terminal (About P200). I highly recommend to arrive at the airport on an earlier time, like 6-7AM so that you can get the best seat and A/C bus available. Check the buses "D ‘ROUGH RIDERS" and "CEBU AUTOBUS" (orange in colour) from here and almost every hour there is a bus leaving for Maya (where the port going to Malapascua is). First trip is at 4AM and last trip is 4PM. Although, make sure you leave before 9-10AM because the other buses that will leave after that would only be the Ordinary buses, without the A/C, and with literally some rough rides. So opt for the A/C bus instead. Make sure that you will arrive before 3PM at Maya Port or else you will have to take the special trip that would cost you 100 times more than usual or you will have to stay overnight at any nearby motel or place there (which I don't know of). The trip from Maya Port to Malapascua is about 30-45 minutes (depending on the tide) and it would cost you about P35-40 each (paid 35 pesos 2 years ago but not sure how much it is anymore).

Of course, if you're in Malapascua, you would like to make the most out of your stay there. As I can assure you, 4 days won't be enough. Time flies so fast yet feels so slow here. It flies so fast that maybe 2 years after you've been there, you'd still feel the freshness of the memories you would have gathered here (just like I do), and time flies so slow there because the town as well as the living is laid back and just like me, you will end up pigging out all the time and maybe going back to Ging-ging's once in a while.

Now, if you have decided to go here, check the highly recommended list of Beach Resorts in Malapascua and it's contact number. The rates are per room per night and not per person. Rates as of 2009. Breakfast not included unless otherwise noted. I've only given you an idea of the Fan Rooms available because this is the room I prefer. I'm the cowboy/backpacker type and so, I got the cheapest rooms available (Fan Rooms). Well, the reason why I go to this island is to live like I'm in the island, anyway. So, for the meantime, I stay away from A/C rooms because I'd like to feel like an "islander", as I call itÜ. You can opt to google them so that you can check their websites yourself, I also recommend that. Here's the list:

- HippoCAMPUS:
Fan Room P1350
+63 (0) 927-336-9703+63 (0) 915-400-1005
- Malapascua Exotic Island Dive & Beach Resort: ***
Fan Room P1,200 Extra Matt P350
+63 (0) 918-77 40 484+63 (0) 917-3276689
ask the boat man on before hand to drop you in front of our resort
- Danos -
Fan Room P1,200 (been here and I rather go to a different resort - I think there are many more resorts better than this, although breakfast is included but I'd rather go some place else. There are a lot of )
+63915 666 1584
- Blue Water Malapascua Beach Resort ****
+63 918 5872427
- Slam's Garden Resort
Deluxe Fan Room P1,800
- Bantigue Cove ****
Deluxe Fan Room P1,500
Fan Room - Php1,800.00
Extra Bed - Php300.00
+63 0917 6259 826+63 032 437 0322
- Mangrove Oriental Resort ***
Budget Room 2 Persons Fan Only P800
Standard Double Room 2 Persons Fan Only P2800
**Rates exclude 12% EVAT Rates exclude 10% service charge (63) 916 218 55 34
- Logon Beach Resort
No Contact Number. See website below:
My Note: Nice Place and Bungalows! See Website.
- Sunsplash Resort
Deluxe room (ca. 25 m²) with aircondition, SAT-TV, minbar, inclusive Breakfast for two person - 50€ Euro
Super Deluxe room (ca. 35 m²) with aircondition, SAT-TV, minbar, inclusive Breakfast for two person - 60€ Euro
Extra person inclusive Breakfast - 15€ Euro
- Cocobana Beach Resort
Cottage with electric fan and good sea view: 2 Persons P 1600
Cottage with electric fan and limited sea view: 2 Persons P 1000
Super Deluxe AC - P 3,100
Deluxe AC - P 2,700
Fan - P 2,000
Sorry, they can only book rooms as part of a dive package** (please sms/call them still to verify) Reception - +639159200011
Nora, for German - +639159114631 or +639155208068