Thursday, 9 April 2009

Widdles, Tweedles, and Meedles 05/04/09

Last Saturday, Y and I went to the doctor to get him checked-up and all that. I had come into a conclusion that we should be at the doctor's clinic two hours before it opens so that we could be the first few patients on the line. We were fifth among the 15 patients last Saturday and I was so elated to know that we'll finish early.

While we were waiting for the doctor to arrive, I managed to take note of the questions that swifted my thoughts in passing. We were already in the clinic and Y was playing with an eyeglassed-kid, so there was nothing for me to worry. 'Sides, he's already in the stage that I don't really need to always be after him cos he can manage most of the time.

He's growing up so fast. On a pace I myself couldn't keep up.

I was able to write about 2 pages of questions and verifications and follow-up queries for the doctor. Experience has taught me that Y's doctor, Dra. Pamela Caedo, is very spontaneous. She does her sessions in a flash. Like about 5-7 minutes and she's done! Thus, me writing all my queries so as not to waste my time thinking, recalling my questions nor her time as well.

Here's what I have found out (some of which I have already put into actions):
- By the age of 3, Y needs to get his eyes checked up (he's almost 3 so I'm going to get his eyes check-up by next week)
- He could join swimming classes (Will enroll him at Bert Lozada Swimming School by May!! =) --- or June) -- visit; They are offering this 10 sessions/30-minute per session course for only P4,000.00! I'm working out my sched on May so that I could bring Y to the office and after work, we could go to his swimming lessons at Somerset Salcedo Makati. Aye! Ü
- He needs to get boosters for his shots
- He's been advised to take Cherifer as his vitamins (Done!)
- It's OK for him to fly to Palawan
- It's advisable for him to go to school rather than staying at home and watching TV
- He needs to be de-wormed once a year, whether or not there is a symptom (Done!)

After we went to the doctor, B met us at the Festival Mall. We ate at Super Bowl and enjoyed their offer of P159.00 for a whole feast of dimsum and dumplings, which composed of siomai, siopao, shrimp dumplings (these were yum!), and fried vegetable lumpia. We also ordered Lechon Macau and a platter-full of Yang Chow rice. They were all YUM! ~~~ And of course, this time, we didn't miss ordering Super Bowl's Taho... It's a Filipino favorite (and maybe Chinese too, not sure tho), made of soft tofu gushed with brown sugary syrup topped with tiny tapioca balls. It's like all Filipinos have went through buying, touching, tasting, and enjoying Taho when they were young! The most enjoyable part of that Taho session was when we were scooping out the jiggling soft, white tofu out of the stainless steel container, then placing it on our little ceramic dessert bowls, then putting about 3 spoonfuls of those sweet, sugary syrup and finally topping it with those glass-like tapioca balls.

Ah! That was a moment to remember.

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