Saturday, 11 April 2009

Best Cheap Transient Hotels and Pensions Houses in Panglao, Bohol

OMG! Such a wonderful place! =)

Let me guide you to the Best Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts in Bohol.

Here are some of the recommended Cheap Hotels and Pension Houses in Bohol that I myself had gone to (and maybe will return to sometime soon!): =)

Paragayo Resort =
Situated along the main road of Panglao island, Paragayo Resort boasts their affordable, clean, and hygienic rooms. It may not be a beach front hotel but it's only about 3 minutes leisurely walk going to the Alona beach. Powder Keg is just a few meters from the resort, which specializes in authentic Italian Pizza.

Room = Clean! 5 Stars
Toilet and Bath = Very Clean Also! 5 Stars
Aircon = Working and Cold! 4 Stars (there's just this buzzing tone at night. Not sure if everyone would appreciate it)
Water = Sort of Salty! 3 Stars (hey, you're near the beach! what would you expect?! =p )
Sheets = You will have to request for it to be changed before they do. 3 Stars
Customer Service = Great! 4 1/2 Stars (the ladies there were very friendly. Although I suppose they could still improve their English? But they are good enough, understandable Ü)

Isis Bungalows =
Just right in the beach front, Isis Bungalows boasts of its bungalows (or rooms) that are painted in clean white combined with its crystal blue curtains. Not to mention that they serve delicious and chili curry and great cocktail drinks as well! (like Sex on the Beach, Tequila Sunrise, Shirley Temple, Mindoro Sling, etc.)

Room = Affordable Luxury. 5 Stars!
Toilet and Bath = 5 girls can fit in lying down! Always Clean! 5 Stars!
Aircon = Still has this humming sound at night. 4 Stars.
Water = Less salty. 4 Stars!
Customer Service = Great! 4 1/2! =) (there were just some gaps, but they're nice!)

For A Reliable and Safe Bohol Tourist Guide,
contact Mang (Mister) Roger at 63.920.405.4883
- He knows the whole of Bohol and Panglao Island
- He knows how to speak English
- He has a couple of vehicles like vans, cars, and boats. You can request for any of those depending on your requirement
- He could give you discounted tour rates

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