Sunday, 12 April 2009

Reliable Contact Persons and Tourist Spots Around (Panglao, Alona, Tagbilaran, Balicasag Island) Bohol

For Boats and Tour Guides WITHIN Balicasag Island,
contact Elmer or Rey at 63.921.630.3325

For A Reliable and Safe Bohol Tourist Guide,
contact Mang Roger at 63.920.405.4883

Read on for some of the Tourist Spots you should not miss in Bohol!! Ü

- ATV (All Terrain Vehicle). This could be found at the base of Chocolate Hills. Ask Mr. Roger, or your driver, to bring you there. Locals know that place because tourists makes sure they go drop by there because it is the best way to appreciate the beauty of Chocolate Hills. It's usually P750/hr but try to haggle most especially when you are a group (we were 6 people that time, we were able to haggle for P600/hr).

- Chocolate Hills. A Bohol Tour would be incomplete without visiting this majestic place and getting a background pic of this wonderful view. When we were there last Feb 2009, the hills were still green because it was rainy then. I bet this summer they have already turned brown in color for the leaves have went dry because of the scorching heat of the sun!

- Baclayon Church. This is more than a century old church. If you're fond of sort of creepy but historical old churches, then this site is for you. =) There are some areas, though, that you're not allowed to take pictures. But you will see a lot of statues of saints and Catholic idols displayed that are centuries old too!

- Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary. Awww! One of the most memorable place to go to in Bohol! These tiny little creatures that lay motionless when placed on your head or arm. They display this kind of tranquility that you would rarely see from anyone most especially when living at a fast paced society. These mammals are nocturnals that are awake at night and lie sleeping in the morning. Please do not use flash when capturing their pictures 'cos they get surprised, traumatized, and freaked out! Capiche?

- Prony the Python. Not to miss! Most especially its gay handler, Prona! Hahaha. By the way, this python could eat a whole live pig, I suppose it could eat a whole human being too. But because it was sleeping when we got there, we were able to take a pic and hold its cold-blooded flesh too.

- Loboc River Cruise. Well, Yang Tze River is longer and better, of course, but you still shouldn't miss eating, listening to great guys serenading you while eating lunch or dinner, while cruising this clean smelling, fresh looking river. And oh! At night, it just couldn't get any better! The lights, the ambience of romance... Some men could actually propose here, I must say. Just make sure you won't drop the ring on the river! =)

- Man Made Forest. These are thin Mahogany trees planted neatly close from each other. They were supposed to be thick trees, but because of the distance of one seed from the other, instead of the trees growing horizontally, they grew vertically with its unusual height!

- Dolphin Watching. A must. These are another majestic view that no one should ever miss. You should be there at about 5 to 5:30AM. If you would leave the beach at 6AM, you wouldn't see a lot.

- Snorkeling at Balicasag Island. One of the things I would not forget my entire life. The 1000 meter drop, the clown fishes, the feeding of fishes with unsalted bread, the sort of wavy waters, the scary sea urchins, the colourful sea bed with all the many different species swimming and living in it, the scorching heat of the sun, the tiny boat the 6 of us riding, the friendly fishermen / tourist guides, and of course... the tan lines. Hee hee.

- Virgin Island. The white pure sand, the 2.5km sand bar, the wonderful scenery, the salty smell of the sea, and the nice cheap pearls that could be bought about P500 to P1,000 a set!

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