Monday, 28 April 2008

My Pair of Havaianas... Bow.

2 weeks ago I've been looking at my feet while waering my 2-year old plain green grass-liked coloured Havaianas. Been wondering when would I be able to get another pair of those or something like it.

It was my late dad's birthday yesterday. We went to Manila North Cemetery (oh, almost forgot, it's actually now called Manila North Greenpark). And I think, now more than ever, it looked like visiting him on his grave was sort of a --- tradition --- an obligation.

Anyhow, my Mum, all my 3 sisters, Yosh and I went to Boni High Street after we visited my dad yesterday. We ate lunch at Roadhouse then their feet brought them to "all flip-flops" store.

Mum offered to buy me a pair of slippers, so hey... Who am I to say no?

Thing there was... When I got home, I realised that the "havaianas" that I bought is... A lemon.

Why? The thongs (those 2 things that keep your feet attached to the footbed), does not look equal/the same.

It sorta looked like the over-run havaianas that my aunt bought from her office for about a hundred bucks.


That's why I thought I should've just bought those heavenly Ipanemas. They waaaay better and not over-rated. Remember I told you I have over-rated things... Like (for me) starbucks. Shoot.

*picture to follow*

Although just a few nights ago, I tried wearing the same pair of Havaianas which my mum bought for me. I then realised that --- hmmm... I think I was wrong. I think the Havaianas's thongs are equal it's just that the right part was sort of... Mis-shapen or something.

Anyhow, I was able to use those Havs for a couple of times ever since that 1st time, and when I used it since that 1st time, it never bothered me anymore.

I still like the quality of those havaianas a few years back, they were sooo - original.

So yeah, those Havs my mum bought are okay. Better than my über-used green ones.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

It's His DOS!!!

It's Yoshua's 2nd birthday today!!!

Happy Birthday, Yoshua!
Happy Birthday, Yoshua!
Happy Birthday...
Happy Birthday...
Happy Birthday, Yoshua!!!

Yay! He's 2 years old na!

*time fly by so fast... really...*

Mummie loves you, Peanut. :*

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

7 random facts about me (4 of 10)

IV. 7 random facts about me
1. I don't like foreigners - if other people give them special attention, I'll give them special "treatment" har har
2. If trapped in an island, I only hope tofu and miso will be abundantly available and I surely will be alive. (as long as they're cooked, ok)
3. Used to be in theater arts until I was in college - I usually take the role of a man (like an ermitanyo) if the class is lacking boys, they get me. Think it's bcoz I sorta act like one before. One of da boys they say. I also came out on one of the TV shows of ABS-CBN named Hirayamanawari. Title was: Ang Bituin ng Planetang Zor (The Star of Planet Zor).
4. Ever since I have known the concept of "Top 10" and "Honour Roll", the highest rank I've always only reached then (and kept it) was "Top 2". Been that ever since, elementary, high-school, college... Twas only now that I am working that I think I'm starting to break the "curse" hehe. Got 1st on the list on some exercises on our batch here in the office, and that's a start. Although I'm still wondering why I was usually on #2 then.
5. Backyardigans's theme song creeps me out.
7. I love picking my nose.

7 things I like most (3 of 10)

III. 7 things I like most
1. Being at peace with myself
2. Being with Yosh
3. Working - I am not a homebody, would like to go out of the house and work instead, it's fun for me, ya know...
4. Mocking other people - yes, I like that a lot
5. Taking a bath and pampering myself - what's the best way to pay off the thing that earns money for me but to pamper it, eh?
6. Cooking - yes, a frustrated, at the same time, a successful one
7. Japanese and Persian food - once I hear Brix say that he and I will eat at a Jap or Persian resto, my knees go wobbly. I love him for that. :P

7 things that scare me now (2 of 10)

II. 7 things that scare me now
1. Won't make enough money to support my family
2. Won't be a good mum
3. Lose my personal life purpose
4. Choose not to be optimistic
5. Die young/early
6. Be forgetful (moooooore forgetful)
7. Stop being/living better

Monday, 21 April 2008

Ask and You Shall Receive

I shall continue my "about me" series later...
I've been thinking about writing this post since yesterday. I got this title and idea of a post when I was cleaning our toilet. (Geez, won't you agree? There are a lot of great ideas that come along when you're inside the bathroom. I wonder if Einstein produced his theory of relativity when he's taking a poop. Hehe).
I was thinking about how polite and obedient Ken Ken is to me and how patient and nice and loving she is to Yosh. Even Brix likes her because she does household chores even without anybody asking her to do it. She goes after Yosh's mess and even after Yosh himself, everywhere he goes. She's more neat than Yosh's prevoius yaya, well, neat enough with Yosh and that's okay for me. I an fix our house can be fixed when I'm there. For me, it's more important that Yosh's being taken cared of.
They went to Manila Ocean Park last Sunday and I was pretty amazed that by this time, everytime I call her, she says "po" and "opo" to me now. Very polite. Wow. (yes, I think this is also a part of me power tripping - whatever).
Anyway, we got her, and I'm just so thankful that we did. Just what I wanted. Someone who really cares for Yosh. Someone who could proxy me when I am at work and not available.

Thank God.

Just like with I wished and hoped for what Yosh would be like, he is exactly what I wanted, how I wanted him. He's brilliant. He's a genius. He just doesn't know how to speak yet but he's comprehension is excellent. I think his IQ is a genius's and he's very loving. To top it all of, he's got this certain character about him. He plays with girls, he's nice and loving with infants, and he's mean with boys (yeah, that's my Yosh). He's what I thought he would be. And surprisingly (or not suprisingly - whichever), he's growing increasingly interesting ever since day one.

And then another wish I asked for... was Brix.
I asked for him... then he was there.
Then the rest was history.

Friday, 18 April 2008

7 things that used to scare me (1 of 10)

Saw this posts from Inna Cabral's blog and thought to myself, just to jumpstart my personal, Me, I, Moi blog posts, I think I should try this one. Seven things about me with 10 topics. Now, really, I don't usually talk about myself but now I have the freedom to. Wow. Amazing Feeling.

Let's start with the 1st out of 10.

I. 7 things that used to scare me:
1. The boogeyman - I used to sleep with a blanket over me every single day when I was a kid. Thought (or was taught) that the blanket would keep me away from him. Hehe.
2. lizards - then I knew that they are not that full of germs.. So I'm kinda okay with them now. They just shouldn't crawl on me or Yosh or I'll squish them very hard.
3. my Dad - and that now he's dead... So nothing to be scared of. Kidding. (He's now a ghost, what else do you expect?)
4. the "nuno sa punso" (dwarfs - the black one) was made to believe there was a black and white dwarfs and the black ones were 'evil' - never saw one, have no intentions of liking to see one.
5. my grandma's "malapad na sinturon" (wide belt) - she used to hit me with that when I was a a kid when she gets irritated maybe because I was super hyperactive (like my son). But when I grew up, can't hit me with a belt then resorted to using her machine gun-like mouth.
6. my friends leaving me - but then now, I could care less. They shouldn't just leave me while they're owing me money. Har har.
7. not being able to bear a child because I'm baog (not fertile) - oh yeah? Look at Yoshua now.

I've made it! I've finally made it!

Gosh. Gosh. Gosh.

I've made it.


I've made it!

Yes, remember I told ja that I would try to do a little experiment and I'll try to post one blog a day for a week?

Well... Surprisingly, it's been more than a week now. And I'm pretty much enjoying every minute I am doing this, and ironically, hating every second that I type them as well. Yes, I don't like typing/writing/or anything that my hands have something to do with blogging. All I know my hands are useful for would be for washing the dishes and clothes, mopping the floors, and cooking food... Those would be the things I could be good at. I know some people who type about 100 words per minute, on the other hand, I type 100 letters per hour - I guess. Haha.

It's been more than two weeks and I've found myself browsing back again to the "Experiment" post I've had. Well, it's a good read but even after like 15 posts, I thought to myself, "I could make more sense than that!" Oh well, let me draw the line. I guess this blog isn't really gonna be about me writing anymore. Kinda got tired of that for the past 15 days been writing. Know what I mean? I mean now, after 15 days of constantly, consistently blogging, I've found out there is a difference in bloggind and just writing and really writing. But for now, I think I'd just try to drop the "grammar" and have the grammar that I really do (or have).

Anyhow... From here on... I'll try to have fun. (big ear to ear smile) :D

See you for my upcoming posts!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Yaya Day! YAY!!!

Yay!!! ~ Yoshua's yaya will finally arrive! ~ Yay!!!

Finally, I will be able to arrive at home and see my cute, bubbly, hyperactive, jumping, bouncing, un-potty trained son, Yoshua.

Yes, Yosh... Mommie truly, wholly, really misses you.

Ken-ken, that's the yaya's name, will arrive this afternoon from Binondo pier. Gosh... The long wait is over. There is still a lot of things going on my head. I took her in without knowing how she looks like and all. I am actually thinking to get her checked first and stuff before I let her handle Yosh. I don't want my son catching some disease from somewhere, you know... (Am I watching too much HOUSE? Har har). Let me see if I could get her at least for a chest x-ray or something. Hopefully it won't cost us so much.

Anyhow, it's been a long day for me and I would still have to finish a lot of things for now. Like the Clean Desk Policy and all. I have to admit, I am not a good time manager. If there is really something I suck at, it's time management. But I know I have to let go of being such a procrastinating-but-not-lazy ass. See, even my posts sometimes are --- hurried.

Geez, I have to learn fast.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Sorry... Not in the mood to write. Will see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

This is for You, Little Sister...

You know what kind of news faced me when I got to my mom's house? (Remember I go there every night coz I had to see my son, feed him, and put him to bed and sleep beside him b'cause we don't have a nanny yet?)

Two very, very bad news.

One, my son, isn't at my mom's house.

It's because of, two... My sister, Tischa, has been mugged by a f*cking drug addict and took away her mobile phone.

Why did he have to mug her? Why need to mug? Why her?

She was just having fun jogging with her friend and was just taking a break at a sari-sari store. Then she saw him... Approached them while he was riding a motorcycle. He went off the motorcycle, then it all happened so fast. He was wearing a helmet, he was wearing a mask, she was scared, her friend was scared. He pulled a gun, demanded for her mobile phone, poked her tummy with the gun, and when she refused to give it to him, he hit her with his gun ---

on the head.

How can a person be so cruel and hit a 12 year old girl with a gun just because he so fcuking need a kick? Why don't he just fcuking hit himself with his gun instead himself instead? Anyway, he's just a fcuking piece of ugly furniture on this world and nobody needs him. Hey you! Spare those innocent people from experiencing a fcuked up life like you have. Here's a knife, here's a rope. Or, here are some bullets. Go ahead and kill yourself - nobody fcuking needs you.

Yes, I am angry. I am angry, very angry for what happened with my sister. Very angry on what that SOB did to her. She didn't deserve it. She deserved a good life.

Not this... Not a swollen head and an empty hand without her cell phone.

Tell you this, sister. He's eventually get what he deserves. Remember that. Always remember that. He will get what he deserves. There will be no one day that I shall pray that there will be no one day that he will slowly and painfully suffer. Thousand time more that you've had. And, heavens forbid, but if that fcuking SOB and I would meet, I shall give him what he's never experienced with the previous people he stolen things from.

Nobody is allowed to hurt you, Trisch. But you shall let go of this. You shall eventually soar above this.

But as for me...

I shall avenge for you, Trischa. I shall avenge for you.

I shall definitely avenge for you.

P.S. This is one of the specially rarest times I wish my Dad is still alive... Another rare time was when Yosh's dad turn out to be the weirdest species I've known and could have turned into monster. I wanted my Dad to had been there, crack his bones and beat the hell outta him.

I-boycott ang mga Bus at Jeepney Drivers na humihinto sa pasaherong 'di naman sila pinapara!

Naka-experience na ba kayo ng ganun?

Dapat i-boycott ang mga jeep na himihinto ng hindi naman pinapara. Pampasikip ng daan, sinasayang pa ang oras natin.

Dapat sabihan din ang mga tao, lalong-lalo na yung lalaki, na patayin ang yosi kapag nasa jeep or bus. Lalo na sa umaga. Ano ba, bagong paligo tapos amoy yosi? Shempre, konting pakiusap ng mapahiya naman.

Kaya nyo bang gawin to? Kasi ako ginagawa ko na, matagal na.

Kulang kasi minsan sa assertiveness tayong mga tao. Minsan meron ngang mga tao na titiisin ang usok ng yosi at ang paghinto ng matagal nga jeep para lang hindi makakuha ng atensyon galing sa ibang kasakay nya sa sasakyan. Pero kung tutuusin, nag-iinit na ang ulo nya dahil hindi nya gusto ang nangyayari. Tapos pagdating nya halimbawa sa opisina o kapag nagkita na sila ng bf/gf nya, saka sha maghihinanaing. Unfair, di ba?

So, konting assertiveness mga kachokaran, kaibigan, mambabasa ng blog ko. Minsan, sa simpleng paghingi makukuha natin ang nais natin.

Monday, 14 April 2008

I have no title for this

Well, just would like to share these to all, 'ya...

Not a good experience to start my week, so might as well share this one and let it go.

You know, this particular person - he's just... I think he's such a pain in the a$s for his family. Trying to hide what is obviously there and I don't think he's got an idea who he is and who he should really be. Confused on how he feels and how he think his family thinks towards him. I guess he's so frustrated with his life and nothing is going on good that's why he's venting it out on somebody else.

I pity him.

At the same time, he's now starting to get into my nerves. You see, I called up and asked this morning if I could talk to his brother because it was sorta late and he had to get up and all that species said was that his brother has left already. You know, the way like he was sounding uncertain of what's he's gonna answer but just answered, "Oh, he's not here anymore..." - yeah, right. As in sobrang nagpigil na lang ako na tawagin shang "tonto" dahil he's really acting like one. I just said that I'll just try to call my boyfriend through his mobile phone, which is not turned on.

So, I just called back, good thing it was my boyfriend who answered the phone. Anyway, that little instance pissed me off. I have always been trying to keep myself from disrespecting any person from my bf's family. It's more of like I'm trying to pay respect to my bf and his dad. But I think I've had enough of that species's nimcompoopness. It's time to retaliate when I have to. That SOB needs to know that if he's trying to piss someone off, he's have to piss on himself first.


Saturday, 12 April 2008


Yes, it's a Saturday. So... I'm gonna give myself a break.

This is the post that I have. Yes, this is it.

I thank you.


Har har har...

C'mon, let me give myself a break. It's been - what - more than a week now that I am trying to keep up with the things that are going around me. I am not that type of person, you know. I used to be a person who keeps things to herself. Silent. More than silent, sometimes. Well, silent in regards to myself. But anyhoo, I'm starting to be talkative now, talking about myself. Trying to do one post per day... At least. Then maybe, if my fingers type faster I could try making two entries per day at least.
As for the "pumping" exercise and the twist abs exercise... Can I just start that on Monday?

Another har de har har.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Naiwan ko yung isang blog ko kahapon...

Opo mga kaibigan, totoo nga. Hindi ako nakapag-blog kahapon. Well, meron kasi akong ginagawa kahapon na blog, yun yung franchise franchise. Eh parang hindi nakikisama ang daliri ko ambagal mag-type. Anyhoo, naipost ko naman ngayon, kaya ok lang. I'm still keeping my count. Ano ba ang nasa isip ko? Trabaho? Yung kakainin ko mamayang gabi? Yung gagawin ko next week? Yung plano ko next year? Hahahaha. Nakakabaliw kung minsan. Pero napaka-enjoy mabuhay.
Alam mo ba na sa ngayon, parang tulugan lang ang bahay ko dahil ang baby ko nasa mommy ko at ako lang at si Brix ang natutulog (ala daw akong kasama) tapos tinutulugan ko pa sha. Ganun pala kapag nagsasarili, lahat talaga sarili mo. Tubig, ilaw, gamit, pagkain. Shempre pati bahay sayo. At ang kagandahan ngayong nagsasarili na ako? Parang talagang nararamdaman ko na lahat ng ipinapagod ko dito sa opisina worth it talaga. Na nakikita ko bawat pinaghihirapan ko, eh yung kama, yung kabinet, yung sandok, baso, plato, unan, electric fan, kurtina, basahan, sabon, shampoo, etc. Galing di ba? Well, shempre si Brix ang laki laki ng naitulong para mabuo at magmukhang bahay yung apartment namin. Ang kelangan ko na lang gawin ngayon ay maglinis. Abah, halos 1 week ko ng di nama-mop ang bahay namin. Sabihin ko ng hindi naman ako nagpapasok ng sapatos at chinelas pero para sakin nga dapat once a day nagmo mop ako eh. Eh kaya lang pagod na sa trabaho, sa ngayon full time mom at full time worker ako. Grabeh ang demands, pero ok naman at this is something that makes me feel fulfilled and happy. Kaya rin naman ako full time sa mommyness and professional life ko ay umalis yung yaya ng anak ko. Pero meron na naman padating, galing ng Zamboanga, sa Mindanao pala yun. Hehe. Pamamasahihan ko na lang then ibabawas ko sa sweldo nya. Pero shempre, if she's kind to us and all, baka i-waive na namin yung fee nya. Now, for the meantime yung baby ko na si Yosh sa bahay muna ng mommy ko then iuuwi ko na lang ulet when there's a yaya na. Meron na dapat shang yaya actually, kaya lang ang labong kausap. Sabi sakin Sunday last week pa sha darating, then I heard that she had to go somewhere at hindi man lang ako aabisuhan! Shempre di ba kaka-alis naman ng respeto yun, nag-usap na kami ng matino then hindi sha tutupad sa usapan. Anuba naman yun...

Anyhow, nasolusyonan na naman yun. Para sakin ngayon I just have to wait for the new yaya for Yoshua.

Now, if there is one thing na naiisip ko at dapat kong i-commit sa sarili ko, yun yung NEVER EVER na akong male-late sa pagpasok ng opisina. There are a lot in store for me. I think mas makabubuting maging maaga na lang ako na maagang maaga kesa matulog ako ng extra 30 mins pero male-late naman.

Yung pumpings? Well, nag gym ako kagabi so I think exempted yun. Hehe.
Pero mamaya gagawin ko yun.
Abangan bukas.


Thursday, 10 April 2008

Looking for a Franchising Business for a VERY LOW PRICE?

A lot of people venture into franchising. It's easier to venture into it because the IDEA is already there and all the franchisers need to do is to have enough capital and to appropriately "manage" the business and they will definitely be able to incur profits.
While trying to open a business is actually much harder, in a way. All the necessary business permits, the advertisement, the production, the auditing, the conceptualization, and among others should come from the business owner.

I have found some new and very affordable franchising business that one may want to venture into, like Shawarma, Dimsum, Waffles, and Pizza.

The franchise is a very good deal, the food's taste is great, and money-wise, it's very much affordable both on the franchisee and the consumer.

I have found out, through constant observation and obvious reactions, that Filipinos in general likes to purchase in retail amounts. They don't like purchasing in bulk or in big packages. Filipinos are in the impression that if they purchase something for a very small price, it's saving them money. Do you see the constant news when newscasters are saying that manufacturing companies nowadays tend to produce the retail containers? It's because for the Filipinos, it's affordable.

But really it doesn't really mean practical.

How am I going to use that information to merge it with the idea of the franchising business that's shown uP^ there?

For one, the products offered to the consumers by those business are in retail. Meaning, the price is more attractive to the buyers because it's cheap. You know those dimsum stands, waffle, and those stands that offer food for about 15-35 pesos? Why do they survive inside the mall? It's because the cheaper the price, the more they sell. Chinese thinking, di ba? Tubong lugaw. Maliit man ang presyo, kung maramihan, malaki pa din ang tubo.

Here's the thing about those available franchises that were mentioned...
You won't just get what you've asked.
You'll get more.

Wanna know what those are?

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

A Quick Exercise Once a Day, Keeps the Belly Away

Ever since I've been with my boyfriend, Brix, we've always tried dining to places or restos we've never been. And ever since then, I've been slowly accumulating fats and unused calories and these adds to the "used-to-be" slim figure that I had once then.
I used to be very much diligent and conscious about my figure and just a little of fat here and a little of fat there, and I freak out.
So... Here's my deal with myself. You know what I used to do in order to keep my thighs slim and my belly tucked?

I do these 2 things:
1. I do my so-called Tummy Twists
I twist my whole body. Hmmm... It's easier done than said. Okay, lemme try.
If my upper torso faces the left side, then my lower torso goes the opposite way and vise versa. My elbows are aligned with my shoulders as to use them to move my body from left to right. This exercise helps to strenghthen the tummy area.
2. Then I also do what the Girl Scouts call "Pumpings"
I put my right hand to my left ear and my left hand to my right ear then I do a full squat then I stand up again.

I could do the Tummy Twists about 50 times a day then I could start doing the pumpings about 20 times a day. I think a month from now, I'll be in better shape. :D

So help me, gawd...

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

24 Hours Not That Much

Okay. This post won't be so long coz I need to run from here and I need to see my son.

You see, my son now is at my mother's house because I am looking for a nanny for him. And I have to haste because I'm more than excited to see him. I'm kinda feeling low in a way because I don't get to sleep beside him since 2 nights ago.

You know that feeling when you suddenly realise that kids grow up so fast and sometimes you want to hold time back and tell the whole world that you'd like to spend just one more day with the child that you once had inside you?

Monday, 7 April 2008

Hap e-Slip

You know how Filipinos say the words like lipstick (lee-pistik), chopsticks (chap-e-sticks), and other funky words that they try to syllabicate.

Our language has to be spoken in a syllabicated way. And guess what? Christine Gambito's mother (Happy Slip), who is a Filipino, also tend (or tends - I dunno, we're not close - yet) to syllabicate words and then one day...

She was telling Christine to always wear her half-slip (camisa) but she pronounced it as "haP e-slip" (see the way Filipinos don't say the "F" sound that often and they pronounce it as "P" instead?).

So Christine have always thought (in grade school I guess) that a half-slip is called "haP e-slip" until one time a person asked her when does one become a "sad-slip" as well?

Hahaha. Very funny.

That's how she got her name. The happy moments and her wanting to share herself so that hopefully the people who watch her videos "slip into happiness" one way or another.

Cheers to you, Christine!

P.S. You could also add her in Facebook! Name is HappySlip =)

Friday, 4 April 2008

This is the Capsule that will Save 25% of your Fuel

These are the capsules that not a lot of people know about.

Just 1 capsule that is dropped on the fuel tank and it will be able to save you money for a whole month!
Let's say you spend about
8Liters per day for Php50.00/liter so that's =PhP400.00/day
Then you try to multiply it to 31 days then that's Php 12,400.00!

Imagine if you can at least save 25% of that Php 12,400.00 -> you would at least save Php 3,100.00!

What's better is that if you fuel up more, you save more!
With just one capsule per month. More mileage, lesser price.

Think about it. The high prices of food, commodities, and fuel oil.
See how much you can save by using this capsule and use it spend for something else.

A very cheap, small capsule that could save you the money you need to buy the food you wanna eat, the coffee you wanna drink, the blouse/t-shirt/bag you wanna have, or the extra gimmick you wanna make.

I said it right. It's Very Cheap. Wanna know how much?


For the first time in my entire life I am now SOOOOOOOOO thankful that it's Friday.

Man, this week was such a whirlwind week. From Monday (31 Mar 08) this week, I was the only one who takes care of the house and my son at home after I go to work. But of course, there were some people who helped me go through this week like Brix (my boyfriend) and Ate Lisa (my landlady). But the bulk of work were on my shoulders. From cooking, cleaning the utensils we used for eating and cooking, sweeping and mopping the whole house, trying to remove the irritating dust on the whole house, to cleaning the bathroom, washing the clothes, drying the clothes, and last but most of all, taking care of my son, Yosh. Most of these I try to cramp for the few hours that was left after I come from work, which was about 1 1/2 hours away if it's the usual traffic.

Just imagine that everyday I had to wake up at about 4am just to run to work. Every single day.

So now, at least for this weekend, because I don't have any teaching schedule I'll be able to lay my back a little and take things a little slower than I usually do.

I'm a Certified Time Beater

Do you have that compulsion wherein you really can't help yourself sometimes but to wake up really late? And when you're in the vehicle going some place like work, office, or school and it's traffic, you get irked either with the bus driver, the traffic light, the car cutting you off, or with anything else except yourself? XD

If your answer is yes.
Then we've got the same compulsion (if that's how I could define it).

Just like I said in my previous post, my shift starts at 5:30am, and fortunately, the latest time I've been in the office was 5:29am, which was today. But before I've reached my office, I was able to ask a taxi driver to beat the traffic light, breezed through 2 security guards, run so fast that it felt like my lungs were left behind while I couldn't breathe, and my body's temperature rose that I really felt hot while the air conditioner was on me.

Ever been it that time beating sit? Haha. You bet. I've been in this kind of lifestyle (well, I also hope I get outta this too, daym!) ever since I was in elementary (that was more than 10 years ago I'm telling you).

*Singing the song "It's a hard habit to break~~~"*

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Our New Home

We've just moved into our new home (pictures be included later on). It's a very tiny home but for less than a month, we've been able to complete the things that we need like the gas stove, bed, kitchen and dining utensils, food, clothes cabinet, and toilet stuff.

The village that we moved in was very neat. There is a basketball court, a school, a park. It's secured (there's a security guard in front of the village and they make sure that if there's no village sticker, they get the liscense of the driver). And I've got an easy access to the main road where the buses are going to and fro. The village is also near the church, the mall, and it's a one 30-min bus ride going to Makati.

It wasn't such a big adjustment on my part. It felt that when I moved out of the house of the people that I somehow depended on, it felt normal to be in a struggle for a bit but at the same time doing things by my own. Getting my clothes washed, cooking my own food, and cleaning my own house. From the first Saturday that I moved in, I've always felt like I'm a superwoman and I can do all things. I work from 5:30am-2:30pm then I sleep at about 10pm because I still had to do all the housework.

In short, if one has a family, it's really best to move out and be in the "real world" on your own. Because, for me, I was only able to "really" learn things on my own when I have been let go of.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Okay, I think for the past few times that I've blogged, I noticed that I always post very, very lengthy stories. And so far, ever since I signed up maybe last Feb or March, I only was able to post about 8 stories and insights, which is kind of disappointing knowing that I know deep inside me there are a lot of things that I'm excited to tell about.

So let me do a little experiement right here.

I'll try, for a week, to post at least one "post" in this blog. It's like me posting the same number of posts for the entire time that I've been here in blogger! I'll try talking about anything that crosses my mind, may it be something that I would think as helpful or not (well, some things that may not be helpful for one may be helpful for others).

So, I'll start tomorrow. Quick information, thoughts that quickly crosses my mind, things that I am planning to do, lessons I will have learned, and all the puny things that will make my blog brighter and shinier.

Anyway, you know the saying, you won't have a dollar when you're lacking one penny.

Let me drop some pennies from tomorrow. ^_^