Thursday, 3 April 2008

Our New Home

We've just moved into our new home (pictures be included later on). It's a very tiny home but for less than a month, we've been able to complete the things that we need like the gas stove, bed, kitchen and dining utensils, food, clothes cabinet, and toilet stuff.

The village that we moved in was very neat. There is a basketball court, a school, a park. It's secured (there's a security guard in front of the village and they make sure that if there's no village sticker, they get the liscense of the driver). And I've got an easy access to the main road where the buses are going to and fro. The village is also near the church, the mall, and it's a one 30-min bus ride going to Makati.

It wasn't such a big adjustment on my part. It felt that when I moved out of the house of the people that I somehow depended on, it felt normal to be in a struggle for a bit but at the same time doing things by my own. Getting my clothes washed, cooking my own food, and cleaning my own house. From the first Saturday that I moved in, I've always felt like I'm a superwoman and I can do all things. I work from 5:30am-2:30pm then I sleep at about 10pm because I still had to do all the housework.

In short, if one has a family, it's really best to move out and be in the "real world" on your own. Because, for me, I was only able to "really" learn things on my own when I have been let go of.

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