Monday, 28 April 2008

My Pair of Havaianas... Bow.

2 weeks ago I've been looking at my feet while waering my 2-year old plain green grass-liked coloured Havaianas. Been wondering when would I be able to get another pair of those or something like it.

It was my late dad's birthday yesterday. We went to Manila North Cemetery (oh, almost forgot, it's actually now called Manila North Greenpark). And I think, now more than ever, it looked like visiting him on his grave was sort of a --- tradition --- an obligation.

Anyhow, my Mum, all my 3 sisters, Yosh and I went to Boni High Street after we visited my dad yesterday. We ate lunch at Roadhouse then their feet brought them to "all flip-flops" store.

Mum offered to buy me a pair of slippers, so hey... Who am I to say no?

Thing there was... When I got home, I realised that the "havaianas" that I bought is... A lemon.

Why? The thongs (those 2 things that keep your feet attached to the footbed), does not look equal/the same.

It sorta looked like the over-run havaianas that my aunt bought from her office for about a hundred bucks.


That's why I thought I should've just bought those heavenly Ipanemas. They waaaay better and not over-rated. Remember I told you I have over-rated things... Like (for me) starbucks. Shoot.

*picture to follow*

Although just a few nights ago, I tried wearing the same pair of Havaianas which my mum bought for me. I then realised that --- hmmm... I think I was wrong. I think the Havaianas's thongs are equal it's just that the right part was sort of... Mis-shapen or something.

Anyhow, I was able to use those Havs for a couple of times ever since that 1st time, and when I used it since that 1st time, it never bothered me anymore.

I still like the quality of those havaianas a few years back, they were sooo - original.

So yeah, those Havs my mum bought are okay. Better than my über-used green ones.

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