Tuesday, 15 April 2008

This is for You, Little Sister...

You know what kind of news faced me when I got to my mom's house? (Remember I go there every night coz I had to see my son, feed him, and put him to bed and sleep beside him b'cause we don't have a nanny yet?)

Two very, very bad news.

One, my son, isn't at my mom's house.

It's because of, two... My sister, Tischa, has been mugged by a f*cking drug addict and took away her mobile phone.

Why did he have to mug her? Why need to mug? Why her?

She was just having fun jogging with her friend and was just taking a break at a sari-sari store. Then she saw him... Approached them while he was riding a motorcycle. He went off the motorcycle, then it all happened so fast. He was wearing a helmet, he was wearing a mask, she was scared, her friend was scared. He pulled a gun, demanded for her mobile phone, poked her tummy with the gun, and when she refused to give it to him, he hit her with his gun ---

on the head.

How can a person be so cruel and hit a 12 year old girl with a gun just because he so fcuking need a kick? Why don't he just fcuking hit himself with his gun instead himself instead? Anyway, he's just a fcuking piece of ugly furniture on this world and nobody needs him. Hey you! Spare those innocent people from experiencing a fcuked up life like you have. Here's a knife, here's a rope. Or, here are some bullets. Go ahead and kill yourself - nobody fcuking needs you.

Yes, I am angry. I am angry, very angry for what happened with my sister. Very angry on what that SOB did to her. She didn't deserve it. She deserved a good life.

Not this... Not a swollen head and an empty hand without her cell phone.

Tell you this, sister. He's eventually get what he deserves. Remember that. Always remember that. He will get what he deserves. There will be no one day that I shall pray that there will be no one day that he will slowly and painfully suffer. Thousand time more that you've had. And, heavens forbid, but if that fcuking SOB and I would meet, I shall give him what he's never experienced with the previous people he stolen things from.

Nobody is allowed to hurt you, Trisch. But you shall let go of this. You shall eventually soar above this.

But as for me...

I shall avenge for you, Trischa. I shall avenge for you.

I shall definitely avenge for you.

P.S. This is one of the specially rarest times I wish my Dad is still alive... Another rare time was when Yosh's dad turn out to be the weirdest species I've known and could have turned into monster. I wanted my Dad to had been there, crack his bones and beat the hell outta him.

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