Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Okay, I think for the past few times that I've blogged, I noticed that I always post very, very lengthy stories. And so far, ever since I signed up maybe last Feb or March, I only was able to post about 8 stories and insights, which is kind of disappointing knowing that I know deep inside me there are a lot of things that I'm excited to tell about.

So let me do a little experiement right here.

I'll try, for a week, to post at least one "post" in this blog. It's like me posting the same number of posts for the entire time that I've been here in blogger! I'll try talking about anything that crosses my mind, may it be something that I would think as helpful or not (well, some things that may not be helpful for one may be helpful for others).

So, I'll start tomorrow. Quick information, thoughts that quickly crosses my mind, things that I am planning to do, lessons I will have learned, and all the puny things that will make my blog brighter and shinier.

Anyway, you know the saying, you won't have a dollar when you're lacking one penny.

Let me drop some pennies from tomorrow. ^_^

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