Monday, 7 April 2008

Hap e-Slip

You know how Filipinos say the words like lipstick (lee-pistik), chopsticks (chap-e-sticks), and other funky words that they try to syllabicate.

Our language has to be spoken in a syllabicated way. And guess what? Christine Gambito's mother (Happy Slip), who is a Filipino, also tend (or tends - I dunno, we're not close - yet) to syllabicate words and then one day...

She was telling Christine to always wear her half-slip (camisa) but she pronounced it as "haP e-slip" (see the way Filipinos don't say the "F" sound that often and they pronounce it as "P" instead?).

So Christine have always thought (in grade school I guess) that a half-slip is called "haP e-slip" until one time a person asked her when does one become a "sad-slip" as well?

Hahaha. Very funny.

That's how she got her name. The happy moments and her wanting to share herself so that hopefully the people who watch her videos "slip into happiness" one way or another.

Cheers to you, Christine!

P.S. You could also add her in Facebook! Name is HappySlip =)

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