Friday, 4 April 2008

I'm a Certified Time Beater

Do you have that compulsion wherein you really can't help yourself sometimes but to wake up really late? And when you're in the vehicle going some place like work, office, or school and it's traffic, you get irked either with the bus driver, the traffic light, the car cutting you off, or with anything else except yourself? XD

If your answer is yes.
Then we've got the same compulsion (if that's how I could define it).

Just like I said in my previous post, my shift starts at 5:30am, and fortunately, the latest time I've been in the office was 5:29am, which was today. But before I've reached my office, I was able to ask a taxi driver to beat the traffic light, breezed through 2 security guards, run so fast that it felt like my lungs were left behind while I couldn't breathe, and my body's temperature rose that I really felt hot while the air conditioner was on me.

Ever been it that time beating sit? Haha. You bet. I've been in this kind of lifestyle (well, I also hope I get outta this too, daym!) ever since I was in elementary (that was more than 10 years ago I'm telling you).

*Singing the song "It's a hard habit to break~~~"*

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