Thursday, 17 April 2008

Yaya Day! YAY!!!

Yay!!! ~ Yoshua's yaya will finally arrive! ~ Yay!!!

Finally, I will be able to arrive at home and see my cute, bubbly, hyperactive, jumping, bouncing, un-potty trained son, Yoshua.

Yes, Yosh... Mommie truly, wholly, really misses you.

Ken-ken, that's the yaya's name, will arrive this afternoon from Binondo pier. Gosh... The long wait is over. There is still a lot of things going on my head. I took her in without knowing how she looks like and all. I am actually thinking to get her checked first and stuff before I let her handle Yosh. I don't want my son catching some disease from somewhere, you know... (Am I watching too much HOUSE? Har har). Let me see if I could get her at least for a chest x-ray or something. Hopefully it won't cost us so much.

Anyhow, it's been a long day for me and I would still have to finish a lot of things for now. Like the Clean Desk Policy and all. I have to admit, I am not a good time manager. If there is really something I suck at, it's time management. But I know I have to let go of being such a procrastinating-but-not-lazy ass. See, even my posts sometimes are --- hurried.

Geez, I have to learn fast.

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