Wednesday, 23 April 2008

7 things I like most (3 of 10)

III. 7 things I like most
1. Being at peace with myself
2. Being with Yosh
3. Working - I am not a homebody, would like to go out of the house and work instead, it's fun for me, ya know...
4. Mocking other people - yes, I like that a lot
5. Taking a bath and pampering myself - what's the best way to pay off the thing that earns money for me but to pamper it, eh?
6. Cooking - yes, a frustrated, at the same time, a successful one
7. Japanese and Persian food - once I hear Brix say that he and I will eat at a Jap or Persian resto, my knees go wobbly. I love him for that. :P

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