Monday, 21 April 2008

Ask and You Shall Receive

I shall continue my "about me" series later...
I've been thinking about writing this post since yesterday. I got this title and idea of a post when I was cleaning our toilet. (Geez, won't you agree? There are a lot of great ideas that come along when you're inside the bathroom. I wonder if Einstein produced his theory of relativity when he's taking a poop. Hehe).
I was thinking about how polite and obedient Ken Ken is to me and how patient and nice and loving she is to Yosh. Even Brix likes her because she does household chores even without anybody asking her to do it. She goes after Yosh's mess and even after Yosh himself, everywhere he goes. She's more neat than Yosh's prevoius yaya, well, neat enough with Yosh and that's okay for me. I an fix our house can be fixed when I'm there. For me, it's more important that Yosh's being taken cared of.
They went to Manila Ocean Park last Sunday and I was pretty amazed that by this time, everytime I call her, she says "po" and "opo" to me now. Very polite. Wow. (yes, I think this is also a part of me power tripping - whatever).
Anyway, we got her, and I'm just so thankful that we did. Just what I wanted. Someone who really cares for Yosh. Someone who could proxy me when I am at work and not available.

Thank God.

Just like with I wished and hoped for what Yosh would be like, he is exactly what I wanted, how I wanted him. He's brilliant. He's a genius. He just doesn't know how to speak yet but he's comprehension is excellent. I think his IQ is a genius's and he's very loving. To top it all of, he's got this certain character about him. He plays with girls, he's nice and loving with infants, and he's mean with boys (yeah, that's my Yosh). He's what I thought he would be. And surprisingly (or not suprisingly - whichever), he's growing increasingly interesting ever since day one.

And then another wish I asked for... was Brix.
I asked for him... then he was there.
Then the rest was history.

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