Monday, 14 April 2008

I have no title for this

Well, just would like to share these to all, 'ya...

Not a good experience to start my week, so might as well share this one and let it go.

You know, this particular person - he's just... I think he's such a pain in the a$s for his family. Trying to hide what is obviously there and I don't think he's got an idea who he is and who he should really be. Confused on how he feels and how he think his family thinks towards him. I guess he's so frustrated with his life and nothing is going on good that's why he's venting it out on somebody else.

I pity him.

At the same time, he's now starting to get into my nerves. You see, I called up and asked this morning if I could talk to his brother because it was sorta late and he had to get up and all that species said was that his brother has left already. You know, the way like he was sounding uncertain of what's he's gonna answer but just answered, "Oh, he's not here anymore..." - yeah, right. As in sobrang nagpigil na lang ako na tawagin shang "tonto" dahil he's really acting like one. I just said that I'll just try to call my boyfriend through his mobile phone, which is not turned on.

So, I just called back, good thing it was my boyfriend who answered the phone. Anyway, that little instance pissed me off. I have always been trying to keep myself from disrespecting any person from my bf's family. It's more of like I'm trying to pay respect to my bf and his dad. But I think I've had enough of that species's nimcompoopness. It's time to retaliate when I have to. That SOB needs to know that if he's trying to piss someone off, he's have to piss on himself first.


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