Thursday, 10 April 2008

Looking for a Franchising Business for a VERY LOW PRICE?

A lot of people venture into franchising. It's easier to venture into it because the IDEA is already there and all the franchisers need to do is to have enough capital and to appropriately "manage" the business and they will definitely be able to incur profits.
While trying to open a business is actually much harder, in a way. All the necessary business permits, the advertisement, the production, the auditing, the conceptualization, and among others should come from the business owner.

I have found some new and very affordable franchising business that one may want to venture into, like Shawarma, Dimsum, Waffles, and Pizza.

The franchise is a very good deal, the food's taste is great, and money-wise, it's very much affordable both on the franchisee and the consumer.

I have found out, through constant observation and obvious reactions, that Filipinos in general likes to purchase in retail amounts. They don't like purchasing in bulk or in big packages. Filipinos are in the impression that if they purchase something for a very small price, it's saving them money. Do you see the constant news when newscasters are saying that manufacturing companies nowadays tend to produce the retail containers? It's because for the Filipinos, it's affordable.

But really it doesn't really mean practical.

How am I going to use that information to merge it with the idea of the franchising business that's shown uP^ there?

For one, the products offered to the consumers by those business are in retail. Meaning, the price is more attractive to the buyers because it's cheap. You know those dimsum stands, waffle, and those stands that offer food for about 15-35 pesos? Why do they survive inside the mall? It's because the cheaper the price, the more they sell. Chinese thinking, di ba? Tubong lugaw. Maliit man ang presyo, kung maramihan, malaki pa din ang tubo.

Here's the thing about those available franchises that were mentioned...
You won't just get what you've asked.
You'll get more.

Wanna know what those are?

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