Wednesday, 23 April 2008

7 random facts about me (4 of 10)

IV. 7 random facts about me
1. I don't like foreigners - if other people give them special attention, I'll give them special "treatment" har har
2. If trapped in an island, I only hope tofu and miso will be abundantly available and I surely will be alive. (as long as they're cooked, ok)
3. Used to be in theater arts until I was in college - I usually take the role of a man (like an ermitanyo) if the class is lacking boys, they get me. Think it's bcoz I sorta act like one before. One of da boys they say. I also came out on one of the TV shows of ABS-CBN named Hirayamanawari. Title was: Ang Bituin ng Planetang Zor (The Star of Planet Zor).
4. Ever since I have known the concept of "Top 10" and "Honour Roll", the highest rank I've always only reached then (and kept it) was "Top 2". Been that ever since, elementary, high-school, college... Twas only now that I am working that I think I'm starting to break the "curse" hehe. Got 1st on the list on some exercises on our batch here in the office, and that's a start. Although I'm still wondering why I was usually on #2 then.
5. Backyardigans's theme song creeps me out.
7. I love picking my nose.

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