Friday, 18 April 2008

7 things that used to scare me (1 of 10)

Saw this posts from Inna Cabral's blog and thought to myself, just to jumpstart my personal, Me, I, Moi blog posts, I think I should try this one. Seven things about me with 10 topics. Now, really, I don't usually talk about myself but now I have the freedom to. Wow. Amazing Feeling.

Let's start with the 1st out of 10.

I. 7 things that used to scare me:
1. The boogeyman - I used to sleep with a blanket over me every single day when I was a kid. Thought (or was taught) that the blanket would keep me away from him. Hehe.
2. lizards - then I knew that they are not that full of germs.. So I'm kinda okay with them now. They just shouldn't crawl on me or Yosh or I'll squish them very hard.
3. my Dad - and that now he's dead... So nothing to be scared of. Kidding. (He's now a ghost, what else do you expect?)
4. the "nuno sa punso" (dwarfs - the black one) was made to believe there was a black and white dwarfs and the black ones were 'evil' - never saw one, have no intentions of liking to see one.
5. my grandma's "malapad na sinturon" (wide belt) - she used to hit me with that when I was a a kid when she gets irritated maybe because I was super hyperactive (like my son). But when I grew up, can't hit me with a belt then resorted to using her machine gun-like mouth.
6. my friends leaving me - but then now, I could care less. They shouldn't just leave me while they're owing me money. Har har.
7. not being able to bear a child because I'm baog (not fertile) - oh yeah? Look at Yoshua now.

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