Saturday, 12 April 2008


Yes, it's a Saturday. So... I'm gonna give myself a break.

This is the post that I have. Yes, this is it.

I thank you.


Har har har...

C'mon, let me give myself a break. It's been - what - more than a week now that I am trying to keep up with the things that are going around me. I am not that type of person, you know. I used to be a person who keeps things to herself. Silent. More than silent, sometimes. Well, silent in regards to myself. But anyhoo, I'm starting to be talkative now, talking about myself. Trying to do one post per day... At least. Then maybe, if my fingers type faster I could try making two entries per day at least.
As for the "pumping" exercise and the twist abs exercise... Can I just start that on Monday?

Another har de har har.

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