Friday, 4 April 2008

This is the Capsule that will Save 25% of your Fuel

These are the capsules that not a lot of people know about.

Just 1 capsule that is dropped on the fuel tank and it will be able to save you money for a whole month!
Let's say you spend about
8Liters per day for Php50.00/liter so that's =PhP400.00/day
Then you try to multiply it to 31 days then that's Php 12,400.00!

Imagine if you can at least save 25% of that Php 12,400.00 -> you would at least save Php 3,100.00!

What's better is that if you fuel up more, you save more!
With just one capsule per month. More mileage, lesser price.

Think about it. The high prices of food, commodities, and fuel oil.
See how much you can save by using this capsule and use it spend for something else.

A very cheap, small capsule that could save you the money you need to buy the food you wanna eat, the coffee you wanna drink, the blouse/t-shirt/bag you wanna have, or the extra gimmick you wanna make.

I said it right. It's Very Cheap. Wanna know how much?

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