Wednesday, 9 April 2008

A Quick Exercise Once a Day, Keeps the Belly Away

Ever since I've been with my boyfriend, Brix, we've always tried dining to places or restos we've never been. And ever since then, I've been slowly accumulating fats and unused calories and these adds to the "used-to-be" slim figure that I had once then.
I used to be very much diligent and conscious about my figure and just a little of fat here and a little of fat there, and I freak out.
So... Here's my deal with myself. You know what I used to do in order to keep my thighs slim and my belly tucked?

I do these 2 things:
1. I do my so-called Tummy Twists
I twist my whole body. Hmmm... It's easier done than said. Okay, lemme try.
If my upper torso faces the left side, then my lower torso goes the opposite way and vise versa. My elbows are aligned with my shoulders as to use them to move my body from left to right. This exercise helps to strenghthen the tummy area.
2. Then I also do what the Girl Scouts call "Pumpings"
I put my right hand to my left ear and my left hand to my right ear then I do a full squat then I stand up again.

I could do the Tummy Twists about 50 times a day then I could start doing the pumpings about 20 times a day. I think a month from now, I'll be in better shape. :D

So help me, gawd...

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