Friday, 13 March 2009

Prepare for Earth Hour (March 28, 2009 at 8:30 pm)

For Quite Some Time I Have Been Doing These Earth-Saving Things Without My Knowledge:

- Not using the electricity too much. Not too much light at night. No lampshades, no turned on lights while sleeping.
- Not having a washing machine, microwave oven, air-con
- Not buying a car and choosing to either carpool or take public transport
- Not throwing garbage just any where
- Not destroying the beaches by leaving my rubbish garbages there. Bringing with me whatever I had brought with me
- Choosing energy efficient appliances and light bulbs
- Keeping my toilet napkin and tissue-free
- Giving unwanted clothes to charities
- Using some of these unwanted clothes as rags or wearing these clothes at home to an extent that it's almost rag-like (hehe)
- Using water used for shower as a toilet flush
- Re-using my pair of pants (seriously!)
- Re-using papers, avoiding unnecessary printing, using both sides of the paper when printing
- Preferring paper cups over plastic cups

On 28 March 2009, just like what I did last year. For an hour, I have turned off all my electricity and savored the time that I was contributing to a world-wide cause. 15 days from now, I shall wholeheartedly do the same.

Yes, I am an activist for a world-wide cause. A part of World Wide Fund organisation that hoping to save lives of species that contributes to the balance of our ecosystem, and eventually, hoping to save the lives of millions of people that live with it as well.

There would be about 80 years that Y left on this earth and I would like to leave him a world that is still wonderfully and magnificently live-able.

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Anonymous said...

The new Vote Earth 2009 global website has launched. There is an element on the site that incorporates Google’s Friend Connect and we want to get 1 billion people on the site by November before Copenhagen. A big ask, so we need some help.

To get involved, all you need to do is:
1. Go to the site -
2. Register with Friend Connect
3. Send to a friend and get more people to sign up.

We need to get as many people as we can involved. So please encourage your friends to get involved.

Get involved and VOTE EARTH!