Friday, 16 January 2009

Best and Practical Price for Reflexology / Therapeutic / Swedish / Shiatsu Massage is now in MANILA!! Only Php 800 for 4 Hours of Massage!! Ü

A lot of us would like to make a bang for our buck, right? Of course। Everybody would like to make the most out of what we they earn। Sometimes, though, after the hustle and bustle of a busy life, we find our bodies stressed out and literally aching in pain। So what do we do? We either take in some medicines, wallow with the pain, drink some booze, or go to the Spa - whichever fits us most.

With the other people who prefers paying themselves back through a good massage and a steaming sauna, one would need to shell out about at least Php 1,000.00 for an hour of decent sauna and massage. Unfortunately, to some (most especially men), an hour is not enough. But one has to be budget-wise, he would opt for the Php 1,000 and would just ask the masseuse to focus on the most-stressed areas that he has (usually feet and upper back).

All this being said, I was blessed to have found and known Mr. and Mrs. Bing Chua. Mr. (Bing) Chua has studied in Canada to learn Reflexology, among others, he has also learned Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Swedish, and Shiatsu therapeutic massages. I spoke with Mrs. Linda Chua (his wife) this afternoon and she's a gentle soul. She said that healing and massaging is just her husband's passion (no wonder a lot of people rave that he does it well!) and that his heart is devoted on therapy and healing other people. He is a one man team and he's just being assisted by his wife with small things, over-all, he's the one who does the Ultimate 4-hour massage.

Well, actually it isn't 4 hours. Sometimes, it is more than 4 hours, depending on the body type. Ma'am Linda said, most especially if it's a guy who has a big built, it takes about 6 hours for the whole massage to finish. They start at 12PM and end at about 6PM. Just like was said above, the Php 800 really don't mean much to Sir Bing, he's just passionate with what he's doing. The Php 800 just goes to the electricity, the maintenance of the place, the aircon (yes! the room has A/C!), the towels (washing and replacing), and the devices that he uses, maintains, and upgrades.

Over-all, I have heard all praises and raves about Sir Bing. I mean, even if I have yet to meet him (I have already booked on 24 January at 10AM - until about 2PM), I know that I am in very, very good hands because I am with a person who works not just with his hands... but also with his heart. Ü

How to get there?
by commute (sorry, I don't drive =) )
Take a bus going to Cubao, drop off at P. Tuazon. Ride a tricycle and tell him to go to 14th Avenue. On the 14th Avenue, there's Townsquare, just look for the newest Townhouse and that's it.

You could ask for Ma'am Linda's assistance (she will meet you in front of her house) through these numbers:
mobile - (+63) 919-592 5585
landline - (+63) 2-437 1991

Have a Healthy and Amazing Life!! Ü

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