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Beach Resorts and Contact Numbers Available in Malapascua Island

Two years ago, I've been to this terrific, magnificent, and amazing island. I must say that this is one of the cleanest beaches I've ever been to. The sand is powder white with clear blue waters welcoming you to swim, snorkel, and dive. Although in the land, there is nothing much to do here but to swim or to bask in the sun to get a tan, I recommend this to people who do not appreciate many crowd or partying in the night (unlike in Bora). You can get a tan here and there wouldn't be a lot of people staring at you. When Beau and I were there about 2 years ago, we were sunbathing for more than 2 hours and all we saw walking on the beach was a pair of couple. You can also pig out here as there are a lot of restaurants that you could choose to eat at. There is the Japanese Restaurant (it just looks like a simple house outside, the house is painted green, and there's a couple of wooden seats for you to dine at but man! the food is über-authentic, ask him around and they'll know who you would be talking about), there's a much bigger resto in front of that, just so you know. This Japanese Resto serves the best Gyoza that you could ever taste in a secluded island I tell you! Nearby that place is Ging-ging's Resto is that serves the best choco-pancakes with fresh mango on top! Whew! Just remembering it would make my mouth watery. Gosh. This is the only reason why I would like to go back to Malapascua. Haha. This island is at the northernmost part of Cebu and is about 4 hours away from Mactan Airport.

To get there from the Airport, take a Taxi going to Northern Bus Terminal (About P200). I highly recommend to arrive at the airport on an earlier time, like 6-7AM so that you can get the best seat and A/C bus available. Check the buses "D ‘ROUGH RIDERS" and "CEBU AUTOBUS" (orange in colour) from here and almost every hour there is a bus leaving for Maya (where the port going to Malapascua is). First trip is at 4AM and last trip is 4PM. Although, make sure you leave before 9-10AM because the other buses that will leave after that would only be the Ordinary buses, without the A/C, and with literally some rough rides. So opt for the A/C bus instead. Make sure that you will arrive before 3PM at Maya Port or else you will have to take the special trip that would cost you 100 times more than usual or you will have to stay overnight at any nearby motel or place there (which I don't know of). The trip from Maya Port to Malapascua is about 30-45 minutes (depending on the tide) and it would cost you about P35-40 each (paid 35 pesos 2 years ago but not sure how much it is anymore).

Of course, if you're in Malapascua, you would like to make the most out of your stay there. As I can assure you, 4 days won't be enough. Time flies so fast yet feels so slow here. It flies so fast that maybe 2 years after you've been there, you'd still feel the freshness of the memories you would have gathered here (just like I do), and time flies so slow there because the town as well as the living is laid back and just like me, you will end up pigging out all the time and maybe going back to Ging-ging's once in a while.

Now, if you have decided to go here, check the highly recommended list of Beach Resorts in Malapascua and it's contact number. The rates are per room per night and not per person. Rates as of 2009. Breakfast not included unless otherwise noted. I've only given you an idea of the Fan Rooms available because this is the room I prefer. I'm the cowboy/backpacker type and so, I got the cheapest rooms available (Fan Rooms). Well, the reason why I go to this island is to live like I'm in the island, anyway. So, for the meantime, I stay away from A/C rooms because I'd like to feel like an "islander", as I call itÜ. You can opt to google them so that you can check their websites yourself, I also recommend that. Here's the list:

- HippoCAMPUS:
Fan Room P1350
+63 (0) 927-336-9703+63 (0) 915-400-1005
- Malapascua Exotic Island Dive & Beach Resort: ***
Fan Room P1,200 Extra Matt P350
+63 (0) 918-77 40 484+63 (0) 917-3276689
ask the boat man on before hand to drop you in front of our resort
- Danos -
Fan Room P1,200 (been here and I rather go to a different resort - I think there are many more resorts better than this, although breakfast is included but I'd rather go some place else. There are a lot of )
+63915 666 1584
- Blue Water Malapascua Beach Resort ****
+63 918 5872427
- Slam's Garden Resort
Deluxe Fan Room P1,800
- Bantigue Cove ****
Deluxe Fan Room P1,500
Fan Room - Php1,800.00
Extra Bed - Php300.00
+63 0917 6259 826+63 032 437 0322
- Mangrove Oriental Resort ***
Budget Room 2 Persons Fan Only P800
Standard Double Room 2 Persons Fan Only P2800
**Rates exclude 12% EVAT Rates exclude 10% service charge (63) 916 218 55 34
- Logon Beach Resort
No Contact Number. See website below:
My Note: Nice Place and Bungalows! See Website.
- Sunsplash Resort
Deluxe room (ca. 25 m²) with aircondition, SAT-TV, minbar, inclusive Breakfast for two person - 50€ Euro
Super Deluxe room (ca. 35 m²) with aircondition, SAT-TV, minbar, inclusive Breakfast for two person - 60€ Euro
Extra person inclusive Breakfast - 15€ Euro
- Cocobana Beach Resort
Cottage with electric fan and good sea view: 2 Persons P 1600
Cottage with electric fan and limited sea view: 2 Persons P 1000
Super Deluxe AC - P 3,100
Deluxe AC - P 2,700
Fan - P 2,000
Sorry, they can only book rooms as part of a dive package** (please sms/call them still to verify) Reception - +639159200011
Nora, for German - +639159114631 or +639155208068

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