Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year!! Ü

Happy New Year, Everyone!! Ü

If you're going to look at my blog you'll see that I have updated it with some of my goals for 2009, the things that I am thankful for, and the places I'd like to visit as well. Feel free to browse through them as you may get some ideas where to go or what to do in case you'd suddenly feel more adventurous. Ü

You see, I guess for years now, I've been a believer of "The Secret" itself. Years back when was still pregnant with Yosh, I've constantly been praying to God that he will be cute, bouncing, smart, happy, healthy, passionate, great, inspiring, and loving kid (among many other great things too!) to me and the people that's surrounds him. Little did I know that time that I've constantly been asking for the Universe to conspire for my son's being --- that he'll be amazingly, wonderfully made --- just very like how "The Secret" works... That whatever I ask it does happen, that Universe will grant it. On the right side portion of my blog, you'll see there of the places I'd like to visit, the miracles that are happening and have happened in my life, and the goals that I have for and will reach by 2009. They look stunningly unbelievable for some and utterly usual for others. For me, they are the things that I have yet to have, goals I have yet to accomplish. I guess, for years that I've been believing for "small" things, 2009 should be the year that I should believe for the bigger things to . We all should, shouldn't we? Despite some people call there would be recession, thing here is, if we believe it, then it would happen. So, why not we believe that Universe will ever and always be abundant with love, wealth, joy, and laughter and it does do everything to conspire on hearts wishes may it be something good or not-so-good.

In no particular order, just by order of reckoning though, these are just some of the über-many miracles that had happened and is happening in my life:
- Yosh
- Graduating High-School (I was hard-headed then, I was not going to school, I thought I won't graduate Ü)
- College's scholarship
- Hirayamanawari (being on TV ~ Channel 2!)
- Dec 2004/2003 gift from Christmas Party at VCF - Bible (naks! haha)
- Brix
- Working for this multinational oil company
- B-day gift - Mug (from Scoozi - 25/11/08)
- Small wallet (from the Nine West bag I got from Claire)
- Xmas gift - Coin purse from Bing (Thanks, Bing!)
- Xmas gift - "Cars" watch for Yosh from Deej (Thanks, Deej!)

xxx and sooo much more! xxx (well, I'm trying to reckon other stuffs but... I could remember them when I'm already out of the office. Haha._)

These are just some of the nicest things that happened to me. Hope that as 2009 kicks in, you'll be able to find the best of the things that come your way. Remember studies show that the brain, our thoughts, find for "proof" of the things you think most of. So, if you think of health, wealth, and happiness everyday - your brain will find all the supporting "proofs" of those things in all things. They will be magnified and expounded.

In a nutshell, I'm wishing you all a very happy and wonderful and safe new year!! Let me start going home now to see my family. Hi, Yosh! I'll see you soon! Ü *muwah!*

Cheers to you all!!

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hahahapi new year!!!

Nabati kita ng personal kaya di nako bumati dito... ala lang bumisita lang ulit