Thursday, 28 August 2008

Nice View From the Plane (^_^)

Here's the view from above :) Awww...

Beau and I were aboard Cebu Pacific. I've been a frequent flyer of Cebu Pac's airbuses and for me, even when there is turbulence, I really don't feel a huge nausea while on flight. Althroughout the flight, it went on smoothly except for some "airsickness" that I've been feeling from time to time. On the two flights going to and fro Dumaguete, there were even some "games" that were hosted by the flight attendants. They asked some questions like, "What is this big whale that swims in the Islands of Bohol (or this is not verbatim, ok?)" and "What is the inactive volcano that is perfectly cone-shaped that could be found in the Philippines". And guess what? Being the "hyper-active" that I am (as Beau usually puts it), I was able to answer one of those 3 questions when we were on our way to Dumaguete!!! Ü hahaha. Well, such was an experience for me. Well, what can I do? I think I always would want to win contests! (talk about being competitive, eh? Ü).

Next will be my post when we landed at the Airport going to our very first food stop... Sans Rival!!! Ü

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