Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Let's Start at the Airport - NAIA Terminal 3

So, of course, I shall not take a boat ride going to Dumaguete (Dgte). I'm a person who easily gets bored. I could already sing "Killing Me Softly" for an hour of flight for me (which is approx the time of flight from Manila to Dgte). I was surprised to know that Cebu Pac had sent us to T3. And sheesh, as I don't travel a lot. I felt really good that I'll be able to take a peek at this Airport the government so much prides.

So, check out the pictures and maybe you can pass the verdict yourself. Ü

BTW, Terminal Fee going to Dumaguete (or in any domestic flight I assume) is Php200.00.

Upon entering the Terminal. (Singing ~ I've come back this morning to where I first... Came alive...~~~). Look at the flash, somewhere there you will see my silhouette. ;p

For me, this is already humongous. Ü

I think they're for international flights S:)

Spacious, I should say Ü

I don't know what these booths are called, I call them booths - hehe (okay, educate me). But I know for sure this is where we got our plane tickets ♪♪♪ And this is where some people leave their baggages too.

Mr. Manong Guard and behind him is a spacious lot. (It's good to have ample space. I'm claustrophobic by choice. Hehehe).

Wow! Looks like I'm on my way for an International flight. (naks)

Yes. They also do have Cinnabon inside. It's about Php100.00 (approx 2 bucks) for 1 bon. At the malls, it's about 85 (I reckon).

Couple's pic before the flight. Ü

ÜÜÜ Here are some of the weird stuffs I saw inside the terminal ÜÜÜ

To be totally and reaaally honest, I don't have an idea where she'll be going. Ü

Sila Kuya ano kaya ang tinitignan sa banda roon??? (What are these guys looking at?)

And Finally...

Gate 116

I was there...

It was dark and raining before we went aboard.

Before boarding the plane. Lemme show you mah sweet smile! Ü

... And off we went! Ü♪Ü♪Ü

So there you have it. The first few hours of my trip :) I'll try, as much as I could, to post one trip per day as not to keep you hanging guys, fans, and gals!!! Ü

Tomorrow, then. ;p


Mom of Four said...

Wow! that airport is a lot better than NAIA, better in everything..not too much line at the Airline counters.
Philippines' airports are the only ones that ask for terminal fees...
None of the other airports that I have been.. pasweldo sa mga employees?? Hehehe...

Maybe someday, it will become international airport too..

Great photos!!

Miss Elle said...

^ i agree. ganda nga noh. kala ko pumasok ka sa restroom ng male. that pic with guys standing, i initially thought na they were doing weewee. hahaha :p

Paper Tilapia said...

@ mom of four: Ah, I wasn't able to mention, have I? This airport is also for International flights too! Ü I reckon that the Terminal fee is about Php1,000.00

@ Miss Elle: Ahahaha. Beau would have killed me right there and then had I been even at the entrance of men's room. >.< I was wondering myself what entertains them while staring at a blank space with one or two planes under the rain. Hehe. Minsan nga naman sa lahat ng pagninilay-nilayan, sa mga kakaibang lugar pa :D

gillboard said...

di ko pa masyado nabasa previous posts mo... but i hope you enjoyed your trip very much....

yay pictures!!!