Monday, 18 February 2008

First Post - Fire Away!!!

My real name is Lorraine. I am on my 20-somethings and I loooove going to different places to try out new things and new food. I am a Tiramisu addict. I'd like to be called Quiche Lorraine but I've only eaten a quiche lorraine pie once in my entire life. I love being with my friends and my kiddo Yosh. I don't have a sweet tooth but my boyfriend pretends that I do. I like doing things that I don't usually do. I like a full-packed sched. I am a person full of life, vibrance, and things-to-do. Gosh, I think I never get tired unless I eat something very heavy (yes, eating for me is tiring but fun ^_^).
I like hainanese chicken. I have a scar on the middle of my 2 eyebrows that I got when I was 4 and I was playing with some imaginary friends. I like dark chocolate but until now I wonder how a white chocolate became a chocolate. I pretend to be a vegetarian but I eat vegetables twice a week (not by choice, though --- I have no choice --- eating veggies in the Phils is so expensive I guess). I could eat tofu and drink soymilk 7 days in a week. Miso soup could be my health drink forever. I like eating super hot food, kind of that makes my tongue go thick and numb.
I am working in a very competitive environment,which I am very happy to work for. I like healthy competition and I am not the kind of person who would put someone down just for me to get a leverage on something. I'm actually happy seeing people trying to impart their own ideas to make things better. I am a professional and a passionate worker by heart. Money is just secondary, although I won't say that I don't need it, I'd still prefer having a healthy working environment.
There are things that I am excited to write about here. Food that I have tried. Drinks that I have tasted. People that I have met. Places that I have been. Experiences that I have had. Maybe you may get entertained, maybe you may learn something, maybe you would even disagree with me sometimes, but hey, I am the one who's writing, right? =P

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