Wednesday, 8 October 2008

I am not a fan of Reyes Barbecue


I "sort-of" used to, but ain't no more. I don't know if you would agree with me but really, they increased their prices alongside them decreasing the quality of the food.

- at West Ave, we were served with a rice that was almost "panis" (spoiled). I have a very sensitive palate and I quickly know if the food were served is fresh or not
- their barbecue is usually burned outside (coz that is not my concept of grilled)
- the waiting time... arrrgh
- now you have to pay for that extra order of peanut sauce
- there was a time I ordered bangus belly at RB in Alabang Town Center, I was horrified when I smelled and tasted the bangus. The smell had a bit of cockroach-ish smell, not to mention the taste too. I was not able to eat my food nor did come back.

Sayang ang Reyes Barbecue. The concept was very catchy, coz it's a family business that has been passed on to many generations. The food, sans all the ewww stuff, would have actually been good too. I hope, to those people who are "running" the business now, they would rather choose to have an outstanding standard in serving great food (with great value) to their customers everytime and not just, as I usually call it, crap.

Napansin ko naman, minsan (o kadalasan - can't make up my mind), kapag franchised na ang isang business, 'di na maganda yung quality nung food at, minsan din, nung service.

Hayyy, 'wag naman ganyan.

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