Saturday, 18 October 2008

Single-moms That Needs to have Someone to Take Care of Her Kid/s... Let's Volt In!!!

Okay. So, for almost 3 Sundays now I have been looking for (or rather sorting through) a yaya for my kiddo. Maybe I haven't mentioned yet, but his yaya left for another job and left us hanging and cold and dumbfounded. She only gave us 3 days notice and - damn! I would really wanna strangle her for abandoning us. Although I know that everybody else would say it's not her obligation. I'd still want to strangle her for being her.

Now my kid is with my mom and everyday I am going nuts on how and what he's doing there. To be quite honest, with all due respect to that person who bore me, I wouldn't want my kiddo be staying there for so long. It's like, gosh, the kind of environment that he's staying in right now is not the kind of environment I've been praying, hoping, and dreaming for him. He's just too precious to be staying at her place - for Pete's sake. (Yes, I may sound very OA, but hey, I'm the mother, what can I do if I'm reacting excessively? Tell me a parent who would care less for her kid. Ah. Don't start with me, eh? :P)

Anyhoo, I was browsing through - in it's call centre forum and it so happened that I stumbled upon a thread there that's entitled "demand for childcare among agents ". I got pretty curious on what she had to say, so I clicked the link and here's what I have found:

demand for childcare among agents

Hi there.I am a filipina small childcare owner here in California, and I am
curious about putting up a day/night care in areas near to call centers in
makati and surrounding areas. How many of you would like this kind of service???
I used to be an agent for etelecare before moving here, and I had co workers who
had to stay home cause yaya quit, baby is sick, etc...I think this kind of
service will increase productivity among working parents. It will be affordable
for agents too, similar to hiring an uneducated yaya who will just sit babies
infront of TV, but with us, staff will be interacting with kids. What do you

So? I got soooo elated, felt magnificent, and felt that I was on top of the world with her offer that I left her a private message, I also posted the same message on her thread:

let me give you objective reasons why you need to put up this kind of
centre here in the heart of makati.
1) there are a lot of single MOMS out there who do not have anybody else
but her next of kin or neighbour to take care of her kid
2) she leaves the kid to her neighbour/next of kin/yaya without fully
knowing what will happen to her kid after she leaves him to be supervised by a
3) she does not know what kind of food her child is being provided, what
kind of shows her kid is watching, what kind of environment her child is growing
up with because everyday - for at least 50 hours a week - she's at work
(including the travel time to and fro the house)
4) her kid will spend at least 10 hours with that person. it is important
on the kid's growing up years that he is being well supervised and that he is
being taught the right manners at a very early age - but too bad, during the
growing up years of a child when he is being supervised/taken care of by someone
else, the child is being brought up on a way any parent would otherwise
5) because yayas could also be an all-around woman in the house, what
happens is that sometimes, the kid gets to be the last priority of the yaya
because of household chores
6) parents/single moms choose to suffer the time she's supposed to have
with her kid because she needs to render OT or because she has a lot of bills to
pay or that she now is confident (kampante) that her child has someone to be
with, she also tries to get time for herself
7) people nowadays choose to leave their kids to the yayas because of a lot
of reasons. outcome? -- kids lose their amor on their parents
8) time to adapt a Japanese lifestyle. there are also some day care centres
in japan that is situated near the train station, before parents leave for work,
they drop their child at the day care, then after work, they pick up their kids
and hop on the train going home. i also think this happens in korea and taiwan.
time to start now in the philippines
9) yayas are more or less, just the people who will keep the kids clean and
make them sleep and such. day care centers will be able to provide "education"
and will encourage social-skills in children. in these cases, let's say, if a
day care center would encourage an english policy environment, the kid who
speaks the vernacular will be able to practice speaking in english too. as
encouraged by his teachers and peers. in comparison with a yaya that was from
the provinces, she would only be able to speak tagalog and would/may not exert
any effort teaching the child anything at all
10) if the payment for a day care and a yaya would be similar. Ü why

There are a lot of people/call center agents/regular employees who need
this kind of lifestyle set up.
Should you need my help or assistance, please PM me :)
Thank you.

I've had about 30 more reasons to elaborate to her but, hey, I guess for now 10 would be enough. I hope this pushes through. I wonder you single-moms out there - or maybe both parents working - or even single peeps - how do you see this kind of set up?

To add to those objective reasons, in a day care, there are a lot of toys, kids could play all day, they will be well educated, there are teachers to guide them, there are a lot of activities each day, and --- I could go on and on and the list would be endless.

I myself think that I would feel and be physically close to my kiddo. Things are definitely different if there's a yaya. Household work will be easier, and I can go out whenever I want to. But, hey, that's why I'm a mommy now. This is not about me anymore. For me, traditional parent-bringing-up-her-own-child is still the most effective way to go.

*just like in the movies...*



gillboard said...

bakit di nalang mom mo pagstay mo kung san ka nakatira, until makahanap ka ng yaya?

medyo may limitations lang pagdating sa lovelife, pero at least lam mo safe anak mo.

Paper Tilapia said...

My mom is also working kasi. :( 'sides, she's smoking too so I'm concerned about my baby's well-being. Also, my apartment has only one small room so even if I ask her to stay, hehe, san naman sha tutuloy?

She's just put up her own business so, I wouldn't really bother her with so much stuff.

Lovelife? Ngayon lang naman hindi naaasikaso ni beau si kiddo. He was always at home with us after work. When Peanut was at home, He's very much hands on with him. They miss each other very much. :)

Yes. I would love to ALWAYS know Peanut is safe.

Hayyy buhay. May kilala ka bang pwede mag yaya for the meantime?

gillboard said...

la nga eh, ako din naghahanap ng yaya para sa sarili ko... nakakapagod magplantsa ng damit...