Tuesday, 6 May 2008

FOOD BLOGS (and more) at Mount Sea Resort (Tanza, Cavite)

Here is a pic of Mount Sea Resort ---> This resort is located at Tanza, Cavite and I think it's sort of an exclusive resort (well, a resort that charges about PhP8k/person?! yeah, I think this one's exclusive).

Gosh the interiors of the resort (which is the one at the back that looks like a house), looks like interiors in a very nice hotel.

Apparently, it's not just the interiors (and exteriors as you can see) are the ones that are awesome... It's also the FOOD.

More than awesome.

This was my breakfast. Didn't eat that much because --- well --- trying to keep my tummy "intact". Hahaha, ya know what I mean... Of course, I had to wear my "pinakatago-tagong" (my most kept) swimsuit, that one which I last wore when I was in Galera sunbathing.

My breakfast at the resort was a feast of fried bangus (milkfish), tapa (fried beef) - although this tapa was VERY juicy and soft - I love this one! Then there's this creamy scrambled egg, and a small portion of almost oil-free fried rice. On the side was a small plate of papaya, which is one of my favorite fruits.
... This was my brekky ^_^

Then for my lunch... OWWW!!! A plate full of stir-fried vegetables (love this one, kulang lang sa alat - just lacks the salty taste), herbed-chicken (this one is goood!), fillet-o-fish (with a sauce I really don't like - makes the fish go sloppy, not crunchy - they could have separated the sauce), then the uber-yummy pork liempo (you know guys I don't eat pork too much but on this case - I ate the whole serving!)

A great day for me would compose of a good sun, warm water, and a gustatory food that one won't easily forget.

I had a great day under the sun- bathing myself till I melted.

I had a good swim and got to experience their adrenalin-rushing slide.

Had good food. (Yes, this is always a must)

AND had the hotel room all for myself. har de har har

So there you have it. The summary of my well-lived eat-all-I-could day at Mount Sea.

P.S. There's this AM snack that was served to us but I wasn't able to take a pic. All the same, it was good. :D

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