Monday, 26 May 2008

My Other Home

I've been blogging at "Blogger" for a few months now. At the same time, I've always been wondering what I'm gonna do with my multiply account as it's been stuck and rotting for a couple of months and I've never added a single picture or anything at my multiply site. Techinically, because I have no idea how to.

Then a lightbulb just lit and I found myself browsing and changing and adding and removing stuff on my multiply page.

As if I've always known how to do it! Amazing!

Anyhow, here's my new multiply site ( And I even was able to cross-post my multiply blog to my blogger blog. Hah. The technology nowadays is so amazing, I'm getting so excited finding out new things through my unfathomable knowledge (pun intended).

Later on, I shall give an account on how my day with Yosh was at 9 waves yesterday...

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