Wednesday, 28 May 2008

This Year...

I was tempted to say "someday".
But maybe someday will never happen if I will always say "someday".
So, today. I'm saying. I shall write my successful life story by the end of the year.
I shall write my goals, my dreams, my passion, my love, my life...
'Cause I've came to realise that all the successful people I know have goals, and they make and pave a way to reach and attain those goals, those dreams.
And their goal wasn't just to be married, or to be happy, or to be a millionaire.
They had a goal that was something more than that. Had a dream bigger than that. Had a passion more than money, more than work, more than food.
It has been long time since I've asked myself what I am passionate about.
It's been long since I've asked what I really want.
'Cause it's been long that I've been telling myself, "it shouldn't be me first, it should be them first".
Then because of that, I've totally forgotten to ask myself what I wanted --- and eventually found myself threading everyday --- groping.
Like I'm blind.
Like I know I'm happy but deep inside I know I could be happier --- and more free.
If I could think like a child again. 'Cause children don't have lids, they don't have limitations with their imaginations.
If I could try dreaming again. No. Not "if". But I will.
I'll imagine, dream, think with my heart. See where my passion is.

And I wish... For now, while I close my eyes and summon enough audacity to dream and dare make it a reality...

I wish I'll be able to meet my mentor... Soon. Or maybe sooner than I think.


"dreaming is much better than just planning... for planning comes from my mind, while dreaming comes from the bottommost part of my heart."

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