Thursday, 12 June 2008

Alliance Francaise de Manille

I think I'm gonna love this place...
Authentic French gustatory delight! Wow...
Here are some of the menu and the prices that Alliance Francaise de Manille offers:
Salade mixte lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots Php 80.00
Salade niçoise Tuna chunks, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, olives, eggs Php 150.00
VIANDES (served with a vegetable side dish and your choice of steamed rice)
Coq qu vin Chicken cooked in red wine, shallots, mushroom and bacon Php 280.00
Steak au poivre Beef tenderloin with pepper and cream sauce Php 340.00 (200g) / Php 420.00 (300g)
Les Pâtes
Penne au thon penne with tuna in creamed mushroom sauce Php 150.00
Fettucini à la carbonara fettucini in cream sauce with mushrooms Php 180.00
Jambon ham, lettuce, tomato and cucumber Php 130.00 (French bread) / Php 80.00 (American bread)
Pâté maison homemade chicken liver with crispy pickles Php 100.00 (French bread) / Php 60.00 (American bread)
Poulet chicken, lettuce, tomato and cucumber Php 100.00 (French bread) / Php 60.00 (American bread)
Thé glacé iced tea Php 35.00
Jus d'orange (orange juice) Php 30.00
Jus de mangue (mango juice) Php 30.00
Chocolat chaud ou froid (hot or cold chocolate)Php 35.00
Café frappé Php 35.00
Café latté Php 80.00
Café mochaPhp 80.00

Pastis Php 80.00
Kir Php 130.00
San Miguel Beer Php 35.00
San Mig Light Php 35.00
Php 95.00
J'adore tequila with a lovable splash of fresh citrus flavors
Oh-la la a screaming blend of Malibu and carrot rum in sparkling water
Super nana tequila bathed in orange and blushed with grenadine
La guerre du feu blazing tequila mixed with Baileys and Kahlua
Le soleil warming apricot brandy ni dark rum, tanned with orange and grenadine
Mon ami good ol' whisky paired with Martini Blanco and bonded with crushed pineapple
Bon voyage a knock-out for the road! Gin, Baileys, Kahlua,
whisky and tequila, smothered in grenadine for the strong drinker!
Baltier Carignan, Merlot, Grenache
Php 500.00 (bottle)
Php 230.00 (25 cl)
Php 130.00 (12-15 cl)
Sauvignon - Vin de Pays (Sauvignon)
Php 600.00 (bottle)
Php 250.00 (25 cl)
Php 140.00 (12-15 cl)
Les desserts
Crêpe au chocolat ou aux fruits chocolate or fruit crepes Php 80.00
Cheese cake Php 80.00
Mousse au chocolat chocolate mousse Php 80.00
Délice de mangue mango float house specialty Php 80.00
Glaces maison homemade ice cream Php 100.00
Sur le pouce
Quiche lorraine ham and cheese tart Php 60.00 (yes! This one is a must! It's my fave food!)
Croissant au jambon et au fromage with ham and cheesePhp 100.00
served with a vegetable side dish and your choice of steamed rice, French fries or mashed potatoes
Fruits de mer au curry seafood curry Php 300.00
Poisson à la normande fish with shrimps, mussels and mushrooms Php 300.00

Alliance Francaise de Manille is located at:
209 Nicanor Garcia Street,Bel-Air II, Makati City,Philippines
Tel.: +63 2 895 7585
+63 2 895 7441
Fax.: +63 2 899 3654

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