Saturday, 21 June 2008

What do you call this phone?

My family used to live at my grandma's house and I remember when I was 4 years old, they (and even I) used to use this kind of phone. And I've always been wondering what it's called, like, phones without wires are called wireless phones, our cellphones are also called mobile phones because those can be brought anywhere the user goes. But how about this phone?

I have found out that this phone is called a bakelite telephone... Gives me memories of childhood. When the corded phones, those phones made somehow out of plastic and is wayyy lighter than these bakelite phones, went it the market. My grandma Elena handed the bakelite phone to us and allowed us to play with them. The playing didn't last for long as she realised that our bakelite phone could still be used for the household. She kept it in the storage room, unfortunately, time ate all the pieces away and that bakelite phone now just looks like history, but could not be used anymore.
Although in some places, I still see this phone being used by some people. Would want to use one sometime, just to remember the feeling of it. (^_^)v

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