Wednesday, 18 June 2008

French Apple Pie at Sugarhouse

I've been craving for an apple pie for more than a year now and the apple pie that is sold at the foodcourt at Glorietta seem too little and expensive for me.

So one time (this was last Friday), when Brix and I were strolling at ATC after a satisfying dinner at Omakase, I was craving for some good "sweets", you know, not just flour and sugar. And that time I was reaaally thinking of a slice of a home-made apple pie.

We passed by Sugarhouse because I've seen that pie available at that store. We first went to CBTL but I was having some second thoughts. When we were at Sugarhouse I thought we were just going to be served the usual apple pie with plate and fork but --- oh goshhh -

an APPLE PIE WITH CHEESE AND CREAM?!?! I couldn't believe it!

So, of course, even when our stomachs were full we were still able to appreciate the goodness of that piece of pie. The best thing about it? The combination of a bit salty cheese, the slightly sweet whipped cream, the cinnamon, and the soft at the outside-crunchy on the inside apples that make up the apple pie.

... yum.

And of course, once is not enough, so off we went to Glorietta two days ago to look for the Sugarhouse shop there and this time, I didn't forget to take a pic.

look, look, look at it! hee-yummy (^^p)
And as Brix told me, a French apple pie really has cheese and cream, so I guess one way or the other, I've tasted a good one. :)

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