Saturday, 28 June 2008

Scribble Ribbles

Okay... So I've been quite busy with all the work that I've been doing in the office and that's why it was only now that I was able to post some "decent" post in my blog. Not just posts that are a "quick fix", posting movies, articles, or whatever because I (of course) like them and, at the same time, I really have no time to write my thoughts.

Dear Readers, how's your week so far?

Our week here in Manila starts on a Sunday. And so far, for quite a time being now, I think I've had no weekend - you know, the kind of a weekend that one still goes out doing errands or one still works so that she can earn extra money so pay the bills? So, just like I said, I've had no weekend as far as I could remember (yes, Baby, I know there's something running on your mind now).

You see, dear readers, I am not really accustomed to working through the weekends. For me the weekends is the time for me to stay home and watch tv and cook anything that I could think of and just literally lay my back. Weekend for me is a time to eat, sleep, and eat more. However, I guess because now that I have more payables and stuff, work has to be more and I'm afraid play has to be less - now that it's not only me that I do this for, but also my family.

I have realised that when one was a kid, he'd like to quickly grow up, and when he grew up, he'd wanted to live a carefree life like that when he was a child.

Funny isn't it?

But true.

But life has no rewind button, but one could fast forward it by not appreciating the present and just always looking forward for what the future would bring(have you watched Click starring Adam Sandler?). Sometimes, I had to admit, because I was too focused on what's gonna happen the next month, I miss out the little things that's happening around me.

Time for a change? Yes, it's always time for a change. Time flies so fast and I think no one really wants to fly with time.

Everybody wants to savor it.


samar bloggirl said...

taking a break for a while could mean a lot - to your loved ones but more especially to yourself. breathe and relax to beat or prevent burnout. said the same thing to a blogger who just recently experienced one - even God rested on the 7th day. you should too. :)

Paper Tilapia said...

@ samar bloggirl = hey, you're right. :) God rested on the 7th day. anyhow, my beau and I are planning to go out of town this coming August (yey! for the second time I'll be flying on a plane!). BUt, still plans. Although, the "adventurous" me is starting to crawl out again out of myself and now I'm somehow starting to check some eventful iteneraries.

on topic:
I've found out that one of my outlets to somehow relax would be blogging. What's better is when people give their opinions and thoughts. It's just great to hear from them you know. :)

Just like you.