Friday, 27 June 2008

Wanted? I (--aherm-- don't) so much want it! :D

Well. Well. Well. It's showing today. Although... I think it's sort of a bit over rated. Something like I already know what's going to happen next. The trailer was sort of a give away.

Wishin' there is more than what meets the eye.

Parang di ako mashadong nagandahan. Para lang shang bedtime story. Alam mo yung feeling na, di mo man alam yung saktong mangyayari eh alam mong parang dun pa din yung pupuntahan ng twist nung istorya?

Okay, yes yes, I know, I know. Curbing the bullet per se is impossible already. But man, the protagonist, just having a very little (for me it's very little) training, all of a sudden would be able to kill a lot of well-trained individuals, shouldn't that be impossible?

And I think it's unbelievable that just by firing bullets at the wings of the flies he'll be able to turn almost 180 degrees and go away from his nerdiness and all that surrounds him as a loser.

Although I would have to admit, James McAvoy played the role so well that one could feel with him when he's nervous or he felt vindicating his father. And of course, the lovely Angelina Jolie, being ever so "tough"-looking and all, her eyes, her jaw, her hair, her body, (and her mouth) says it all.

Anyway, that's just my POV. It's fiction, writers could write anything they would like to happen on the story. And maybe things really had to be fast because if it would be so detailed as a book, movie-watchers would be bored. Rotten tomatoes gave it a good score. My Beau and Hanz(my officemate) gave it a good score too. Oh well, so much for Rotten tomatoes I guess. But for me, this was just another bed-time action movie.

If there would be a movie that I would like to watch again, it would be I Am Legend, The Pursuit of Happyness and almost all Denzel Washington's movies.

Oh no, I ain't a black fan. Nope.

Or maybe I am.

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