Friday, 6 June 2008

Some of the things I''ve noticed about Yoshua

From time to time I might update this post as I would of course see a lot more from this cute little bug:

1. (June 2008) Last May 2008, he's still was having some struggles talking or mimicking words whenever I ask him to say it. Just this June, he mimics way better than he used to do before. When we were at my mum's house just this weekend, I told him this, "Yosh, kuha tayo iced tea" ("Yosh let's get some iced tea"). Instead of him just nodding his head and just saying "tea", he said, "I'd tea" (for me that's a little bit more complete). It was such a great time to have heard him say that. It's more like me saying to myself, "Oh gosh, I'm proud of my son, that he's learning and I do not need to shove it on his throat, his learning at his own pace, in his own way..."

2. (June 2008) One of the things that has fascinated me so much was the fact that even right now that he hasn't completed a sentence yet, anyone could definitely notice that Yosh has a great sense of understanding. He may not be able to express through a complete, definite, coherent sentence the thing that he's trying to say, but hey, he can definitely talk with you through his body language. Like just yesterday, when he wanted me to play with him. He motioned me to look at my slipper, pointed out on my feet (which I did of course was to wear 'em, right?), and then pulled me away from the sofa, then he posed as if he's going to fight with me. (^_^)
There was another time when Babi got mad with me and he broke a monoblock a chair because he was so mad... You know what Yosh did? He pointed out to Babi, pointed out on the chair, then looked at me and said... "Babi". He knew that it was Babi who broke the chair. Hah. (sumbungero na! LOL).

3. (June 2008) EVERYDAY... He's getting moooore and moooore hypera-active! This is something that I have to keep up with, to be honest with you. I mean, as of the major moment, I haven't hit the gym for a long time and I actually am missing myself visiting the gym. And because I don't hit the gym very often, the flabs and fats that is being stored in my body is taking it's toll on me. Funny how I used to be a health buff, now I'm forgetting that I need to take care of myself as well so that I could keep up with this cute lil pup. Anyhow, he gets bouncy every and I even feel guilty that I sometimes get angry with him (yes, I'm impatient, indeed I am) even if he's just trying to enjoy and be happy at our own little home.

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