Monday, 16 June 2008


The branches that I have tried (and the only branches I know so far) were the ones at the foodcourt of in SM Southmall and Festival Mall.
For me it's not just an ordinary fast food, as they serve FRESH vegetables, fresh donjeon, the freshest kimchi (I think it's homemade), just the freshest food.
When I go to the mall, I would usually see fastfood shops that have a menu that are either filled with fats or their food is usually fried. (yulk...)

Now when I have found out about this Korean fastfood shop, what amazed me was that the food are not just served on a plate. But instead, they are served on a dolsot (in Korea it means "stone bowl"), which keeps the food hot for quite sometime. And for me who is sort of I-want-my-food-kept-hot-all-the-time kind of person, this stone (or ceramic) bowl adds the yumminess of the food.

Well, I usually, if not all the time, eat their Bibimbap.

Wow. I've always loved the combination of those different and colourful vegetables that's topped on a cup of steamed rice, then on top of those veggies, there's a fried sunny side up egg, you mix 'em all together and --- voila! You'd feel like you've got some home-cooked meal, sans the sort of noisy environment that you'll be at coz it's at the food court. ;P Nevertheless, it's healthy, and you can even ask them to make it spicy or spicier for you. I like my Bibimbap spicy as it all the more brings out the flavor of my food.

So all for 79pesos you get that dolsot-yummy-good-healthy Bibimbap. And then for additional 10pesos you can additionally get their side dish that consists of donjeon, kimchi, and macaroni (or sometimes it's fruit salad). Side dish is just enough to compliment the main meal.

I soooo looooove this fastfood stop!

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